End of Onigashima - Burn Dumplings or Naw

So as this event winds down I’ve been just kind of casually burning my BP on the raids as they are re-run, since I hit the DP cap days ago. I’ve been using natural BP regen on the ogres assuming we would also get to see a re-run of Ushi Gozen, where I was planning to use up my remaining dumplings to farm some more berserker gems and generally just go all-out with Nobu one last time.

Now that we are down to the last 2 days however, I’m starting to worry that maybe it’s only the ogres that we get 2 chances to smack down? I looked at the raid quest guides on gamepress but couldn’t find a schedule for what was coming, so figured I would ask some of you veterans of the initial run whether or not we will be seeing Raikou again. I really don’t want these dumplings to go to waste (that’s just leaving mats and currency on the table!), and though I would much rather bully Ushi Gozen I’m willing to settle for farming the red oni for hopefully one last drop of the Baths CE.

Thanks in advance.

ushi gozen raid only happens once during the course of the event. you missed your chance to farm her (harder)

either burn the rest now on the red oni or convert into qp post-event. your pick

Word, fair enough. I think I hit her 50+ times when her raid was active so I didn’t miss out too badly. I’ve just been pulling tons of good berserkers lately and her raid was by far the easiest for me.

Drake needs some gems too though, so red ogre will have to do. Thanks man!

While you can burn dumplings for QP, if you have the time it’s way more worthwhile to use them, either to get remaining shop materials or to convert the currency into QP, you will get a chunk more QP than if you sold the dumplings instead. Plus the raids have good material droprates as well.

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I’m so tired of these raids that I’m not going to burn any more dumplings on it. Only doing them still at 1M with drop bonuses to get more baskets atm.

According to the drop sheet, one full BP bar is only going to get you maybe 3 feathers and less than half a heart on 6M. Heh, even the gems and pieces/monuements are > 8 BP/drop. Not a single Hot Springs is recorded either, though I know of one person here who got one.

I’ll stick to the 1M where I can get 35 baskets with +3 bonus per 2 BP, and do it rather mindlessly. I think I’ve even got 2-3 hearts, which I really didn’t expect.

I got one Hot Spring and one Sumo total. When they drop a little rainbow appears behind the chest on the top right. I got both on Rakshasa quests, not raids.

they also have a rainbow explosion when the chest drops

in my experience, gold chest with rainbow icon=5-star ce drop, gold chest with star icon=4-star ce drop

I’m eternally feathers-poor so I’ll take whatever drops for me at this point. The main thing is taking advantage of a farming node that doesn’t cost AP. QP I can always farm on the dailies, but mat farming outside of events is absolute garbage for me. Plus I’m set on hearts for once, so any of those that drop are just cheddar. So far I’ve gathered a pretty decent stack of rider gems and have 10 more gold dumplings to burn. I don’t -need- 2 MLB copies of Baths but it does always suck to be that one drop away and never get it lol.

Yeah I’ve been really lucky with drops this event. Had 2 Sumos from the free quests and at least enough Baths to MLB my copy early on in the event. All unexpected, though. When you are looking for that sweet, sweet rainbow it never seems to drop