End of Rocket Baloons?

They stopped spawn.Normally, if no specific event was active, they spawned every 6 hours, starting midnight. Last one i had my last one at midnight, then after that, they no longer appear on my main or alt account.

I dont remember any info about this. Someone know more maybe?

Not spawning for me either, been having multiple problems since last updating my app.

They have reported that there is a problem with it and they are fixing it.

Rocket will be back soon enough

People reported the GO Rocket encounters would cause the game to freeze.

What’s crazy is that I spent $40 and planned on finishing my level 44 Rocket leader challenge this weekend. I even set alarms lol. Nintendo do something about Niantic please!


You’re right, that is crazy. Not sure why someone would spend $40 on Rocket Radars :laughing:


Crikey,that’s pretty much all 50 radars isn’t it? I’m guessing you never do rockets then? Mind you, if it’s ever a task, I’d pay the UK equivalent £30 not to have to win 50 GBL battles so I can’t say it’s money wasted - if you can afford it why not?

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Start a petition. I would gladly sign it.

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