[End of Week] Sizzle at your service

Please feel free to suggest any new stuff for me to work on in the comments or any other suggestions, and I’ll include them as options in the next poll(s)! Please like any comments that you agree with so I can see which ones are popular - I will look at all comments and include the time of posting/like ratio.

There will be no new poll until Monday. At this point I have some upcoming content to deal with and have to take care of stuff already “ordered”.

Current Progress:
CE Updates - 7/200 :fgo_jeannu:
Saber Lily rewrite done
Caesar rewrite done
Material page update requested
Tier Explanation 4*s (Tier 1 and 2 Servants are all updated and transferred already if you want a sneak peak)
Paracelsus rewrite halfway
Lostbelt Mystic Code coming up
Babylonia Mystic Code coming up

Walkthroughs will be worked on Saturday. I intend to work on LB1, but I may do some work on Camelot depending on how that comes along.

I liked the suggestion to work on some newbie content. However, I think that may be best delayed until we know what the stream will announce. If LB1 launches on the 26th-ish, then that takes priority.

As per usual, I will post a seperate thread for new content.


Yeah, I liked the newbie content suggestion. I think existing guide(s) can be improved and given a more prominent place for people to find them.

Undoubtedly people will still ask basic questions an upgraded guide (or whatever) can answer but at least we can link to it with confidence.


So great to have you back :)

I noticed you guys changed the search function a week or so ago and it’s difficult to search some servants now.

This is a departure from what you specifically did back in autumn. I submitted feedback via the site but the response I got basically amounted to “we can’t support that at this time.”

But some examples

Searching for Da Vinci’s servant page—have to actually type “Leonardo” first.

Scheherazade and other EoR servants aren’t searchable by their true names.

Yagyu’s Shimousa name isn’t searchable—neither is his boss fight.

Common nicknames are no longer searchable.

Preferred localizations aren’t searchable either.

Mystic Spinal Fluid doesn’t even show up.

Neither do Octuplet Crystals

I know she’s Attila the (Sun)ta in-game (lol at DW regretting bad localization decisions) but we know her as Altera. It took me a while to find her while searching.

Would be a nice QoL update if you could figure some of this out.


I actually like that you can search for things such as node and quest names (when you couldn’t previously) but I agree that Servant names should take priority.

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I started making a thread about this, but I talked to my bosses first.

You see, they changed search vendor due to the issues caused sitewide (not just FGO) of there being too many search terms and it stopped working entirely. Supposedly there ought to be an algorithm that automatically adjusts to give everyone the top pages, but eh.

Anyway, it’s already being worked on, they are going to change vendors again (or something open source, I dunno) because these things apparantly get expensive fast.

For what it is worth, upon 30 minutes of working on the site I already got annoyed by it, since I use the search bar a lot. Besides, it’s evident it’s an issue as the Servant page is in the top 10. It never was before.


That search bar change is really annoying. Materials aren’t showing up at all so you have to scroll through the entire materials page to find it for farming nodes (or select a servant with that material and go to their enhancement section…).

Relevant nodes in the search bar are fine, like free quests and Interludes, but all the past events (like jakeyb’s DaVinci rerun example) really clutter things up.

So any influence you have to make it work smoother is much appreciated.

This one is out of my hands, Norse put up a prio list (Servants>Mats>CEs>etc.) for the devs to work with, but how long this would take and what the Search bar will be like, I have no idea.

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Search gets real expensive real fast. And it’s a tough problem. I understand completely. Just wanted to bring it up.

Wait, the new one isn’t Altera? I never even noticed, I just assumed they went with their first translation error choice.


I wish they make the Saber version Attila as well.

I mean besides being what 99% of the people from my country call the real life historical figure, Altera is just way too similar to Altria.

Of course I loathe Artoria being given the name of a Tobacco company even more…


Oh Altria is the absolute worst.


Maybe if all the Fate fan started producing fanart of Saber smoking and promoting Marlboro cigarettes Type Moon/Aniplex/DW might change her name back to Artoria!


Altria has more life in it than Artoria does though.

It’s more refined and less expected — more original I think.

Plus @Lost247365,

How do you like the “Artoria” genus of spider eh?
(32 species)


There’s a counter for every sword.