Enemy Phase BK/Zelgius

So I recently got pity broken by a +atk -spd zelgius and was trying to figure out an enemy phase build for both BK and him. What would.be some good options? (No wrath or special spiral pls)

Are you looking for a cheap build? What’s Black Knight’s merge count?

It would be +5. And I’d like any build that doesn’t involve the two skills I mentioned

Here’s something you can try.

It can be used for player phase as well due to his decent speed stat, but the idea is to kill units with his high attack.

These are my builds for both of them, and they are both enemy phase based. BK/Zelgius is my second favorite Fire Emblem character so I’ve obviously invested a lot into both of his alts. Vengeful Fighter is the ultimate ideal if you’re looking for an enemy phase. However, if you don’t have a fodder for it (maybe try to pull Caineghis?), and aren’t looking to obsess over him like I do, Quick Reposte works fine as well, just be aware you won’t trigger Black Luna as quickly.

I gave Black Knight Atk/Res Bond 3 and Distant Def 3 sacred seal so that he could get the most out of his distant counter weapon, and he works like a charm. They function nearly the same and they are a must-have for any beorc armor team! :)

Have you considered Spd/Res Bond > Atk/Res Bond on Black Knight? I feel that having additional Spd (unless you’re already running someone to boost his Spd) could prevent some follow ups from enemies while allowing him to double thanks to VF. And since he’ll have Black Luna ready for the 2nd counterattack hit, I feel the Atk boost from Atk/Res Bond could be negligible.

Thats actually an interesting thought. What units have Spd/Res Bond? I’m always up for using my man BK, so I’ll take any excuse to experiment with him some more.

I think Smolzura has it available at 4 stars.

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You NEVER build BK/Zelgius for EP.

All hail, Brave Sword + Bold Fighter.

I actually don’t like Brave Bold Fighter builds unless it’s on Arden for Bofire/Ignis nuking.

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Seems like we got a unbeliever under us

Build is extremely flexible. I sometimes use steady breath in A slot with vantage. I don’t have bold fighter on him but you can use the classic steady breath + bold fighter + QR seal combo

brave sword BF is trash tho, It can’t kill blues and tanky reds

You know that you have double Black Lune in one fight right?
Where does any red unit survive a double Black Luna?
Tell me.


Any red unit that initiates and has enough attack/speed to kill.

I said survive, not counter it.

Shield Pulse Lon’qu survives dual Black Luna, actually.

Not in that situation, but he does survive.

Good, one unit with a specific build out of like 76 red sword units.

I gave you what you asked for. No need to be so sassy.

The thing is I can ALWAYS tell a counter against a certain type of unit/build, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad.