Engine Update Hidden Changes

The thing is several people like me have noticed that as of the Engine Update there have been some changes to Servants´ art and animations that were not publicly announced (I´m not talking about Nightingale or Arjuna here.)

One example is Mordred, whose eye color was changed and her color palette looks more crisp.

Compare before update:

After Update:

I´ve been told that there are other changes, like when using Okitan or Kiara´s animations but since I have neither I can´t check that.

So, what other changes have you found in your Servants? And are you happy with these modifications?


Hokusai got 2 new voicelines for her skills :fgo_ereshpeek:


Doesn’t have anything to do with servants, but more of the soundtrack has been released in order to steal your materials (though at least the statue/monument ones are easy to buy).


Not sure if it counts but textbox movement feels clunkier.
One tap to speed the text makes it reach the end of paragraph while text goes slower during auto mode.


I haven’t noticed changes in Okitan skills, but her iddle animation seems to be longer than before, she doesn’t fall asleep as frequently as before


Circe and Sheba got new lines.


Abby too, those three were announced during the stream

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Heck, my mistake, I remember now that you mention it. That’s what I get for watching the stream so late…

Now you can adjust that pm the options

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I know they mentioned star overflow in the stream, and showing how many you have in absolute terms, but I don’t think it was mentioned on the site that NA now does that super sweet, super welcomed thing where star regen is “sucked” into your stars at the end of your turn.

This prompted by my soloing a thing with Hokusai, and seeing 9 vibrate up to 11. It’s not a big thing, but it’s cozy, and something I’ve been anticipating for many months now!

Also, even if this isn’t a hidden update, I want to point out how much I welcome the “Time Until Total AP Recovery Displayed” update.

God, this new patch was spectacular.


Very much agreed! So many QoL features!


Another minor animation update:

NP Cards takes a bit more of time to appear in exchange of a sweet glowing animation entry


I also noticed this while playing LB2. This chapter has a lot of >2 lines per dialogue box so it’s a bit harder for me to read the text. I have to keep pressing the “log” just to double check if I missed one or two lines when pressing the screen during dialogue.

Aside from that, I really appreciate the amount of QoL stuff added in this update! Esp with the lag for us iOS players!


I noticed that Moriarty got his Sprite update early, it looks so HD in his NP secuence.


I checked earlier and can confirm Kiara got her skill animation/dialogue update, its beautiful.

This whole update has just been fantastic.


Bunyan got some new lines as well; her being one of my fave farmers, this makes me very happy :joy:.


HD texture become 4k texture, lol

soundtrack has been in my room for a while now, it wasn’t added in this mega patch.

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I know it was there before, I’m saying there’s more songs now.

No one has mentioned this yet. But this is actually one of the changes I have been impatiently waiting for.
Some will probably think it’s not big of a deal, but to me it is. I always liked this so much more in JP:

When you use a skill now, the level of the skill is shown as well!

I really love this feature, because, heck, I tend to forget what skill level they are on. So when I was using a skill before, I often found myself checking the skill in a battle after using it, to see it’s level.
Sure it’s nothing of significance, but I like it a lot.