Enhancing Effie's Effectiveness

In light of her soon getting a little stat boost, I’m looking for ideas on how to improve an old unit I hardly use with a garbage prf so if anyone has some good builds on her, please share.

I currently use her with slaying or brave with Galeforce and Bold Fighter which works fairly well but given she’s an armour, save tanking comes to mind. Didn’t think those old stats would allow for it but I was wrong.

With Atk/Def +6 buffs from allies for the lance’s Atk/Def Bonus Doubler, that gives 93 Atk and 77 Def with guard, accelerated specials and debuff negation.
Not convinced on the weapon but I’m building around the A/C skills from Dedue and the only good options I have are that or Stout Lance for the DR given any attacker will have either the speed or a forced follow-up to double her. Any improvements anyone can suggest?

Worth adding this isn’t for any particular mode, I just play the game to use people I like and make them as good as I can. Also that I have very few armours that I care about with +1 H!Myrrh and unmerged Dedue and F!Rhea as my only near saves so she would complete the colour set.


You actually have a lot of options with lances now so I think building Effie could do some good.

Guard, Unity, 50% - 5 DR all the time:

Guard, Unity and BD for guaranteed buffs, ridiculous Ignis incoming:

50% then 75% - 5, good Atk/Def and ignores foe buffs:

It’s a damn shame her Prf is first combat only, otherwise it’d work very well for a couple of these.


Her stats are indeed really good for save tanking, and the builds that dragginz put above are all good choices.

The main problem with that, as I was noticing last night, it that an unmerged A!Idunn completely outclasses her.

Now, this isn’t exactly surprising, but it does mean I would only recommend building Effie for that role in PvE, or because she’s a favorite.

Another option is a fun PvE build like and omnitank or just something for shenanigans (like galeforce) since you probably won’t use her in PvE


Heck, an unmerged B!Hector probably does. Sadly Effie is pretty outclassed.


He does indeed. I remember going over the numbers when he got his refine and, unmerged, he equalled or outdid her at +10 for everything. That’s why mine has been using a Brave Lance, the only thing she can do better than Maltet.
But I like her and still carry much hatred for him from his time as the unkillable enemy so I want to make her good.


And all the more power to you. I’ll never say someone shouldn’t build their favorites just because they’re not the best as units compared to their competition. Just find it sad that she is so outclassed in so many ways because truthfully I wouldn’t mind building her myself if I didn’t have other units who would probably do most of what she could better. Especially since Jötun Effie was a specific resplendent combination I was hoping would happen for some time now.


Hardy Fighter + Courtly Candle, she makes a damn good save unit tbh.


Just make an offensive build with Armoured Stride. Her prf is actually decent for this or go the Brave Lance route.

Its the one thing she’s not heavily outclassed in.


Thanks for the suggestions and I am now definitely going to go the save route or her. I’ve not much variety of fodder so for now it’ll have to be the skills I’d shown initially but with Stout Lance. Hardy Fighter probably is the ultimate goal but I can’t kill my only Fjorm, hopefully other copies of it on her or a new unit will appear.