Enkidu Advice

Since I have Scathach, I haven’t found the need to learn more about the clay more than necessary until now. But since he/she? spooked me, I’m looking for some insights on his/her? strengths and the possible comps where he/she’ll? be effective in. More gameplay info on his/her? Quick deck-Buster NP kit I would also appreciate as he/she? seems to play differently than Carmilla.


Enkidu np stuns divine servants, making him very good against them.

He can also heal a lot of hp and can generate stars and np well.

He is a solid servant in my opinion

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Huh, I see what you mean since Scathach also stuns whoever survives her anti-trait nukes, so she surpasses him in the anti-divine area. However, Enkidu’s benefits are being great for hard content (10k heal and debuff removal on one skill, crit rate debuff and evade on another), and I’m pretty sure he surpasses Scathach in NP gain and crit star gen.


I agree, also you have been more detailed than me.
Eh, i am not good ad evaluating servants it seems :sweat_smile:

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I do see that they overlap in the anti-divine department… somehow. That said Enkidu’s stun is conditional while Scath’s is not. And alongside her anti-Undead/Divine damage up, it would seem that Enkidu would be the lesser alternative as far as the niche goes.

He points towards a longer survivability leaning gameplay then. That healing skill’s value is the highest in the game right now I presume.

That’s a plus for him. Scath’s just not the best in that department with her paltry card hit counts so this is understandable.

Healing has also a long cooldown to balance it, you wont use it often i fear

Well, he is more of solo player - his deck makes fitting proper support into party hard. But he has good NP gain with AQQ chains. Has situational evade removal, tied with his own evade, but it is useful against Heracles\Megalos.

Speaking of Herc, I had one with him during Nerofest CQ (12 Labors): he could kill Herc with NP, stun him and kill him second time with brave chain all in 1 turn :fgo_goodciv:

About CE choices - I recommend this

With it on - he won’t loose to Scathach on dmg in shared niche.


It’s a good compromise. The healing amount almost restores most of his hp so it’s balanced in that way.

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While that’s a minus in a way, his solo capabilities are that good in return to compensate, huh. I saw this one solo run before against ‘that’ on LB5 and he seems amazing after his NP buff.

Sadly, I have not the chance to obtain this wonderful CE. Anymore CE suggestions that he/she? could use?

Well, it’s the most from an instant heal in a single skill.

Some other notably high healers:

  • Arjuna: 2000 per turn for 5 turns, total 10000 (likely the reason for the long cooldown)
  • MHXA: 3000 instant, 1500 per turn for 3 turns, so total 7500.
  • Romulus: 4000 on one skill, 3400 on another, so total 7400.
  • Spartacus: 1500 per turn for 5 turns, so total 7500.
  • Nero: 2000 on one skill and 3400 on another, so total 5400.
  • Archuria: 5000 heal on 4 turn cooldown
  • Void Shiki: 5000 heal on 4 turn cooldown
  • Asclepius: targetable 5000 heal on 5 turn cooldown
  • Lakshmi Bai: targetable 60% chance of 2000 heal per turn for 3 turns, so potential total of 6000.
  • Nightingale: targetable 4000 heal on 5 turn cooldown
  • Hundred Personas: 4000 heal on 6 turn cooldown

And of course the AoE 3000 heals (and 4000 heal for female allies on Blackbeard) come close, but require you to have three servants in need of healing for it to get the full healing effect.

  • Medea Lily: 3000 AoE heal on 5 turn cooldown
  • Santa Nightingale: 3000 AoE heal on 5 turn cooldown
  • Blackbeard: 2000 AoE heal, extra 2000 heal to female allies, so potential 4000 for two allies and 2000 for self on 6 turn cooldown.
  • Martha: 2000 AoE heal on 6 turn cooldown.
  • Bunyan: 2000 AoE heal on 5 turn cooldown.
  • Brave Liz: 3000 AoE heal, but it’s on her random skill which is bad civilization

Ah, forgot about that, thanks for reminding me.


Hm, in that case just usual recommendations of Holy Night Supper or Black Grail (Enkidu can easier shrug off extra damage from this, due to hive HP and self heal). Basically you want something that boosts his crits (cause he can degenerate enough stars solo) and NP damage

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A nice compendium of healing skills. I always appreciate info like this.

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Hmm. I only have HNS but no BG yet. Based on your suggestions, Victor of the Moon, Summertime Mistress, Oni in Human Clothing, Heaven’s Feel, Golden Sumo and Antumbra would also serve as good alternatives.

This and Sumo are best of the bunch here

Antumbra - inferior version of Oni in Human Clothes for your purpose. Similar with Summertime Mistress - better to sacrifice 5% crit dmg to improved star generation (his internal star gen is good enough to feel the effects of percentage boost)

Victor of the moon - he has Buster steroid and only one buster card + NP,better to mix in different kind of buff, either attack (like with Sumo) or NP damage (like with HNS)

Heavens feel… this one?

Why?? Akward 40% NP gauge and quick buff for Servant with Buster NP. I know, I know - he has Quick deck. But he best played as going AQQ or ABQ for filling NP gauge and either NPAB or NPQB depending on random buff and star allocation, sometimes finishing with Arts card instead (if he gets overkill on it)

Thank you for your feedback on these.

Non, non. It’s this.

It’s my best alternative for a Black Grail at the moment. 50% at MLB is not so bad afterall.

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Oh right, forgot about it. Yeah, it works as poor mans BG until you get it, so also a fine choice.

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Added a few more since you appreciated it, I’ll stop there though, bringing up the ones lower than 4000 for ST would be too many and below 2000 AoE isn’t too important.

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I usually use Enkidu for solo purposes as Clay’s internals, deck and kit is well suited for it.
It works even against non-divine enemies, for example I soloed Babylonia memorial quest using Enkidu.
When there are Divine enemies Enkidu is far more effective and can sometimes cheese them, I did that for some Gilfest Exhibitions including one with 3 break bar bosses.

I don’t often use Enkidu in teams as I’m arts inclined but Clay can work with Crit teams.

On the topic of the heal.
There is an interesting Command Code we will get around new Year that buffs healing received by 50% and I believe it can stack though I haven’t tested that bit.
Edit: Checked one of Honako’s Arjuna solo videos and it stacked for a 4k heal.
Regardless in solo situation all those servants on @Meta_Cat will get beefier.

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In retrospect, Enkidu can also serve as an anchor servant similar to Cu, QSH and Herc just not on the same level perhaps since he does so well in solos based on the discussion.

An interesting bit of info. Will look forward to this if this picks up.

In some rare and specific situations Enkidu can outlive them by far.
This is an extreme example but there is a odd battle next year where I’ve seen Enkidu survive 53 turns in solo.
The boss died at that point but Enkidu had full health, evade/heal ready to use plus Atlas Invincibility so it could have continued far longer.
Clay did have class advantage and the enemy was divine.
All of this without using Command Codes and the Guts CE didn’t get triggered.

The big criteria is if they are divine and if they have a large number of hits plus Clay has class advantage then you could drag it out for a long time.
Edit: Tiamat is a good example of Divine and hits.

It is an event reward so if you finish most of it then you are guaranteed to obtain the Code.