Enkidu Appreciation Thread [ADDITIONS ENCOURAGED!]

Hi!! I’m very new here but I did wanna reach out and I wanted to talk about my favorite servant as a start :-]] My idea with this would be to post fanart (no reposts without linking back to the original artist/artist’s post please!), ideas about the character and their design, and headcanons and such!! I really like talking and hearing about them pls [sorry about the long rambly post adgfnakjdgh head full]


tl;dr: I have thoughts about them and their character/depiction and I want to hear yours pls I need the content

I like to pull from the epic of gilgamesh itself when I make headcanons abt them that divulge from the in-series interpretation (which, as far as I know, we only kinda have their FGO profile and stuff? Like, strange/fake and babylonia was mostly dealing with Kingu in their body)!! I’ve read through most of it, and it’s actually a pretty entertaining read IMO, though I might just be down bad.
Personally, I love the idea that even though they can still communicate with animals just fine, but they’re still alienated in general! Like, not in that animals will run away from them, but something like how Fou will always attack Merlin on sight. They won’t hit hard, necessarily, or maybe Enkidu just doesn’t notice how hard they hit… either way, they can talk with animals when desired and still really love them, but it’s perhaps a bit more annoying to the animal than they’d like.

Also can I just say. Ever since I started playing this god-forsaken game (affectionate) and got really attatched to Enkidu (they’re interesting as a character and “omg we’re both nb” moment) I have another very distinct type. I’ve got Sadistic Milfs, beefcakes that are not particularly smart, and Long green hair (preferably in the form of “nb person who could kick my ass” but hey, I’m not very picky). I’d improve upon their design in some places maybe? Mostly just that they are so pale… but I honestly do just really love them as a character and how they play! Their design isn’t too bad compared to some [shudders] so I don’t really feel like complaining about it too much. Plus, their clothes look super comfy!!

Give me your thoughts!! I can’t find much content just on them alone, I like their dynamic with Gilgamesh as much as the next guy but hey! Sometimes I wanna see them as the focus! Enkidu enjoyers rise up pspsps reply on my post


I immediately liked enkidu coz they looked like kido from kagerou days and has my favorite VA. They’re pretty cool. Probably my choice for ssr ticket


why yes, I am gonna reply on my own thread I’m not done :fgo_enkidusus: gonna bump up the stats just from me losing my mind in the replies smh
under the tag is just me rambling about how I like their skills and playstyle so like. readers beware adjfgdjhfgn

Ramble- - Begin!!

so I wanna preface this with the fact that I know next to nothing about team construction!! I run a quick team overall (with the occastional gil caster ehe) and generally go with a beefy buster aoe as the supporting character that I just buff all to hell. My usual setup has Dantes, Saber Diarmuid, ProtoCu, Tristan, and then as a last character I have whoever I wanna build bond levels with but not necessarily use lol. Tristan is probably the closest I have to a support, along with CasGil. So you’ll see a lot of layman’s terms in this hehe! My knowledge is limited but I do wanna talk about how I’ve utilized them in gameplay <33 I don’t have them yet but I use them as the support character whenever I can!!

I tend to stay away from buster-focused characters, since crit star generation and NP is higher on my list of priorities. HOWEVER!! Enkidu has a 3 quick card command deck, and a buster NP, so they’re exploiting a loophole in how I play the game smh. They are EXCELLENT at crit star generation which I love, and their NP is a really strong single-target. Loving the stun, loving the efficacy against Divine servants. I wish it fell under the “Weak to Enuma Elish” category, but it’s still banger. Now, I didn’t really notice this because of the SHEER AMOUNT of crit stars they’re able to generate, but their star absorption is a bit lackluster. That blows! But, again, monkey brain did not notice during gameplay because I was throwing in quick chain after quick chain and making crit star bank. Plus, the amount of hits on their quick and arts means that they charge their NP really fast!! with an arts-led chain, they can absolutely kill it. Plus, they work really well with CasGil. With his arts card buff, if they hit the Buster and Quick buff on their Transformation skill, you’ve got their whole deck buffed baby! You’re all set!!
Speaking of their skills, presence detection has saved my ass so many times. A lot of my servants don’t have an easily accessable Sure Hit skill, and as a ProtoCu enjoyer I suffer from “this one’s NP doesn’t have a sure hit factor” disease, meaning this skill is super useful in getting rid of a pesky evade.
And hey, everyone talks about this, but their SURVIVABILITY!!! They have a whole lotta HP and their healing skill is one of, if not the, best in the game.
GGSKJHG OK RANT OVER I just really like how they play, and with limited support on my team (which I am not planning on changing honestly I like my team <33) their possibilities as a last-man-standing kinda servant is really nice :-]]]





Okay so imma admit it.

I’m a big fan of Enkidu as well.

Both from reading the original epic and then getting into the fate series, enkidu soon became a favorite.

I’m happy that this thread exists and i get to share my opinion about them.




I like Enkidu too. how I wish he would spook me someday


In Soviet Chaldea, Enkidu appreciates you.


I’d very gladly give my Enkidu away to someone who would appreciate. I have zero use, and zero plans to raise them, in the foreseeable future.

A grailed Caenis and Roma are in my future.




hey drop the friend code pal :fgo_seibagun: /nsrs

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It’s in my profile, but I’m full right now. I’ll bookmark in case you’re still looking for an invite once the wait list moves up a couple spots.

:-0 yoo thank you hehe!! i’ll keep that in mind~