Enkidu vs Ereshkigal

It’s just 20 days before Christmas and the new servant as everyone knows would be Ereshkigal.

I got Enkidu in the Babylonia banner and want to discuss them.

Their gameplay role are really different, so there is no reason to compare them (ST quick lancer for CQs vs AoE farming buster lancer with 50% charge). But who you would prefer as waifu?

Design wise Enkidu is unbeatable, his design is as perfect as Merlin’s and Gilgamesh’s, but Ereshkigal dress on last ascension is good, as the red/yellow lance on first ascensions are nice.

Personality wise, Enkidu is chain of heaven and the one who directly connected to counter force to protect the planet, so he’s good and kind one (except your name is Ishtar). Ereshkigal is goddess of the netherworld, so she’s kinda gloomy and dark, and could plot some stuff like one english moustache wielder.

Plot wise, Enkidu wasn’t present (hijacked by Kingu), Ereshkigal helped with moving the netherworld to the Uruk, tried to attack Tiamat, the attack failed and she retreated and didn’t appeared again. Enkidu loses this.

Waifu wise, well, you just have to ask youself, whom do you want to be your rommate in master’s room? Nice and kind clay man, or literal manifestation of death? Gilgamesh’s more respectful opinion is a nice bonus.

So, for me it’s 3-1 for Enkidu.

  • Enkidu
  • Ereshkigal

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Enkidu for best non-binary waifundo.

I like Ereshkigal’s design even though the only thing that saves me from being really sick of the Rin Clone Wars is her wonderful voice actress. I’m just very unimpressed by Eresh from a gameplay standpoint, while Enkidu has a strong niche as a one-person army with a devastating NP vs. single Divine enemies. Being Gil’s favorite person is also a dubious-yet-extraordinary honor.


eresh is great, but enkidu has ■■■■in’ kobayashi yuu

What those two said.

It’s a total win for Ereshkigal far as I’m concerned. That Enkidu is Gilgamesh’s friend is a negative so strong it would require massive story boosts to cover. And there’s his biggest problem. Enkidu doesn’t have much of any story presence within FGO. He’s effectively not in Babylonia and I can’t honestly remember him appearing in events since that point.

Gil-bias aside, I can’t find a spot I’d give him a win. Design? His isn’t bad…but it’s not great either. It’s just…kind of there. It isn’t a big negative that his ascensions are pretty much the same. I like other servants that fall into that category even if I do like some variety. Ereshkigal changes it up nicely from her weapon and outfit. Nothing crazy, but just some good changes which I’m all for.

In terms of personality Ereshkigal kind of wins by default. Since again…Enkidu hasn’t actually appeared in FGO’s story so I have nothing to work from. Just my vague recollection of reading the Epic of Gilgamesh which is more a general recollection of the plot than personalities. Ereshkigal has a personality which is a big point for her. But it doesn’t hurt that she’s rather sweet and lovable. Being summoned is a dream come true for her.

There is heavy bias considering I did love her appearance in the Babylonia story. But…I just can’t find a point in personality, design, or story significance that I’d pick Enkidu over her.


Enkidu all the way!

I’ve never really understood all the widespread appreciation for Ereshkigal. Not to say those who love her don’t have merit, but she’s just not really appealing to me. Her design is probably the best thing about her, though even then I prefer Enkidu’s simpler and naturally attractive look.

It’s also an easy win for Enkidu as well in terms of gameplay, at least for my purposes.

Just all around gonna go with the Clay, here.

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we’ll finally get enkidu in a prominent story role when narita finishes fate/strange fake in 2052

(he was in summer2 though, iirc. unless that was also them being hijacked again. idr)

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The only thing I could want for Enkidu is a costume that isn’t a potato sack. Their aesthetic with the lightning and feathers and whatnot is otherwise very cool and unique amongst the cast, but I’d love the option to change up the wardrobe now and then.

It’s hard to tell with the way the character is written, so I kind of gave up trying to parse it out. I think I always assumed that the version we summon is the 2.0 version we meet in Babylonia rather than the one that “lived” prior to those events, but I don’t know the canon for that.

Please DW, please please please


now I want art of gil carrying enkidu in a potato sack over his back


Gameplay was never my priority for playing FGO
So even I have to struggle in future CQ, it’s still Eresh all the way :laughing:


Same. What is ‘gameplay’ anyway?


no clue lol
tier list? what is it? Just roll for what we like and we’ll somehow make the team work lol


Since when we talk about gameplay :fgo_mordredthink:


Also, Ereshkigal votes all the way!

(Totally not biased.)


But I noted that this is NOT about gameplay, but about them as characters.
Why do you prefer Eresh over Enkidu?

no, she’s just dere rin

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-looks at my profile picture and profile background-
-looks at my bio-
-looks at all the posts I made about h i m.-


Now in all seriousness though, I love Ereshkigal, and I’m planning to roll for her next year as my sq right now is being reserved for someone else. But I have her in JP and I absolutely love her gameplay, personality and design-wise.

But… Enkidu is Enkidu. Enkidu is literally the reason why I’m playing fgo at the moment.
Basically Enkidu’s design to me is really beautiful and perfect. It’s simple, but it fits who he is. Ereshkigal is pretty, but Enkidu still wins this round because he just looks so elegant and regal.
His personality is, while not entirely clear at first for spoiler reasons, we can make out what he truly is like here and there from his lines in My Room and interludes and the like. I won’t lie there needs to be more content about him. But even personality-wise, I prefer Enkidu, as much as Ereshkigal is adorable.
Gameplay-wise, still Enkidu. I use Eresh a lot, but I prefer Enkidu’s skillset and NP. Maybe they’re on par in this point, but I’m biased towards Enkidu anyway.

So not surprising to anybody, Enkidu it is for me :fgo_buster:

Also I would literally kill and do anything just to have Enkidu’s outfit in this art piece as a costume dress for him, and I didn’t know how much I wanted it until now. D W , P L E A S E.