Enkidu's Noble Phantasm

I know that gil’s enuma elish does extra damage to servant due to weak to enuma elish tag but does enkidu have the same effect


For some particular reason it’s against divine beings instead. Request for someone to explain the lore?

The only thing I know is that Enkidu’s chains binds stronger the stronger your existence is. So in this theory Enkidu would bind gods stronger than humans.


because its not the same weapone…

Enuma Elish: O Humans, Let Us Restrain The Gods (人よ、神を繋ぎ止めようエヌマ・エリシュ, Hito yo, Kami wo Tsunagi TomeyōEnuma Erishu ?) is the Noble Phantasm of Enkidu, where they transforms their own body into a Divine Construct Originally, Enkidu was a weapon dispatched by the gods in order to “ restore Gilgamesh to the gods. ” The “ Linchpin of the Heavens ” was created so that gods and people would not separate. Because Gilgamesh revolted against the gods, Enkidu was charged with the role of binding and bringing him back to the heavens. However, Enkidu became Gilgamesh’s friend and, just like their friend wished, chose the path of using this “ chain that restrains even the heavens ” for the sake of the people.[2] It is a linchpin of light that pours the power of the Counter Force, also known as Alaya and Gaia’s powers. The giant amount of energy is transformed into a form that the World can recognize and pierces the opponent in one hit.[1] Its power rises in response to destructive deeds committed by the opponent towards the planet or humanity, such as Kiara Sessyoin, and the attack would gain a special effect.[1][3]

heck i always find it hilarous that ppl always ask this about gil and kidu but never bother to for lip and bryn
then again
casuals dont know bryn and lip even exist or what their nps are

Unlike most other Noble Phantasms, the ability of the sword has its own unique name instead of simply chanting " Ea " to use its function as a Noble Phantasm. The attack, Enuma Elish: The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth (天地乖離す開闢の星エヌマ・エリシュ, Tenchi Kairisu Kaibyaku no HoshiEnuma Erishu ?), signifies the overloaded state under which it releases its maximum output. While nominally listed as the Noble Phantasm in his status, Ea is the actual Noble Phantasm.[8] Originally, it had the Authority of nation building.[13]


Enkidu was a weapon created by the Babylonian gods in order to restrain Gilgamesh, a divine half-God, and bring him back to the rest of the gods. That’s why Enkidu’s Enuma Elish has the ability to “restrain” or stun Divine type enemies.


When I found out about that I thought the wiki was bugged or someone was trolling by changing the NP desc lmao.

I thought it was about “divinity”. Didn’t Gilgamesh use those same chains to hold down and finish off Heracles in the anime?

It might be a translation nuance though.

its divinity yes


Well divine and beasts beings have a strong existence that’s why Enkidu’s NP will stun divine enemies and deal more damage against beasts iirc.

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The Alter egos has multiple goddesses infused into them. Like how Melt has Sarasvati, Leviathan and Artemis. The AE form we get has Sarasvati as the main personality, thus her NP is Sarasvati Meltout. The lancer version that JP released last year has Leviathan has the main personality.
Same for Passionlip, she has Parvati, Brynhildr and Durga infused in her. The AE form has Brynhildr as the main personality, this her NP is Brynhildr Romantia.

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Yeah, I just don’t think that correlates. I mean, if anything it seems like the opposite with the lore pointing to the fact that the “age of gods” is gone and that divinity/magic has lost much of footing. Divine ‘existence’ looks weakened.

yea its literally just
kidu was originally made by the gods and turned on them after he met gil and in turn became a weapon meant to restraint the gods
das literally it

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So if se have a summer Lip or something like that she will be Dunga of parvati?

Guess it’s basically the stronger you are the stronger the binding

The other thing I can think about is that divine servants’ are summoned in the form when their existence in on peak and as for beasts it’s based on their threat to humanity level.

Though I read it somewhere, that it’s based on their existence.

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