Enmatei CQ

How am I supposed to do this quest when I don’t have most of the servants that are reconmended in the CQ guide page? I can somewhat imitaite the Lancelot (Berserker) ft. Attila the San(ta) 8-turn clear one but I don’t have MLB BG or of 6 Copies of BG for that matter. What should I do?

At this point, 1 hour left of the event, the best recommendation i can give is try to replicate thse guys:

David is key on both setups, Nyalter can be replaced by Prototype Cu but the only ones who can replace David are Merlin and Tristan.

Fujino is also really good but she can’t solo the whole thing, you need to kill the monkeys for her.

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I may or may not have raised anybody in that video except David and Robin.


Don’t tempt me man.

Fran, Skadi, the Mirror of Eight Leaves command code, and maybe some command seals

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Do you have any good AoE Berserker or ST Quick/Buster attacker?

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Have you tried yet with your imitation?

I imagine no mlb BG will hinder a clean clear of the monkeys. I definitely underestimated their protection buffs. My lvl100 arash took merlin and okkie and 300% overcharge to KO them, which didn’t leave room for a taunt to take on the on break invincibility pierce np and I used savescum until the ai target a support over my dps.

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Yeah, I couldn’t loop on the second turn like the video, thinking of replacing the ce for a different one.

You don’t need to loop or any of that. You just need to win, no matter what it takes!



Use a CS to make up the difference on not looping? :woman_shrugging:

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Can you picture your leveled servants so we have a better idea what comp to suggest?

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Do you have any big supports? Why did you wait until the last hour?


desperate times call for extreme measures :fgo_bbgrin:Unless you have a stash to level up whatever servant you need for this, it’s either the lore or a couple revives

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You don’t need MLB BG, just regular BG is enough. On one of my alts I didn’t even have BG, so I went with Heaven’s Feel. One of the monkeys will always go down immediately on the first NP, you don’t need to take them all down in the first NP because the followup NP should be enough to clear them.

What you do want to make sure of is you have followup crits on Beni (either turn 2 or 3), so you can get rid of her first bar pronto. There should be a high probability of this, but if you don’t get any Lancelot face cards for some reason, you might as well restart for ease.

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I’m missing Merlin and Summer BB. I usually just do the quests a day or two before the event ends tbh, but this one is even trickier than previous ones.

What ST Archers besides Robin and David do you have?

You don’t need BG honestly! I managed a similar run using Zerkerlot + Attila Archer :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you!

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Attlia santa and euryale. I also have an 10/10/10 NP5 Emiya and Ishtar.