Enough with the stupid party hat egg hatches!

5 7km egg hatches in row all in moronic party hats that you can’t do a darn thing with other than look at their stupid hats?!?!

Sigh… sorry, just really annoyed me and I shoulda been paying more attention before I opened those presents I guess.


From what I understand, during this event, the starters with party hats are the only things hatching from 7k eggs. I’d definitely avoid 7k eggs for now to prevent hatching even more of them.

Or, as I like to call them: party starters. :point_left::sunglasses::point_left:

Definitely glad I’ve not touched a 7k since this event started. Wasn’t even keen on just getting fossil mons in 7ks either

You know you’re the life of the party when you can’t even evolve! :rofl:

I hatched a 100% party Charmander.
So I feel… meh. Thanks, Niantic.


They said that the starters will hatch for the time of the event. If one doesn’t like them, then one simply shouldn’t hatch these eggs. I do like this event since only what’s been advertised is hatching and because hatching starters from 7 km eggs means one is not forced to waste raid passes to get them.

I never said it was a good party :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nobody has mentioned the most disturbing part of this whole thing…

The starter party hats look nicer than Wurmple’s party hat.

Wurmple wasn’t worth the nice party hat? A Wurmple party isn’t a nice party?

What are you trying to say, Niantic?

I’ll say it: Wurmple is a trash Pokémon for trash people
(Joking. Don’t @ me)

See, my opinion is different. They should limit all of the party hat pokemon to 7km eggs and remove pikachu and eevee from the wild (at the very least remove their “special” status so we don’t have to waste hours transferring them all)

The funny thing is, the photobombing Clone Pikachu doesn’t have that flag so you can easily mass transfer that. I believe it was the same when the Mimikyu Pikachus were about as well. It just seems so weird to me that some event mons are easily transferable, yet others force manual transfer :man_shrugging:

Clone pikachu is in the photobomb??? I didn’t know that it was clone pikachu…I just thought it was a cranky pikachu. Not helping is that’s all I was thinking about is why in the poopity poop do I have to capture pikachu. i want my cranky pikachu. :stuck_out_tongue:

The cranky one is the standard Pikachu :p the clone is the one on the left with a pointy pattern on its ears