Enrmies' preferred targets

Ive been farming points on the node with saber enemies in summer servant festival. my frontline has mash, anne bonny archer and emiya. i need bonny’s hp to get low as possible to do big np damage right but the servant festival attendee never hit her for some reason. they’ll keep hitting mash or emiya but not her. Do enemy mobs have a certain traits they prefer to hit or not hit? or has rng been messing with me for the past 5 days?

I don’t know for a fact, but a lot of enemy AI seems fairly random.

There are specific quests where we’ve observed more strategic behavior, though. I might be thinking of a recent memorial quest where the boss preferred to target Casters or something.

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I don’t know if this is true but AI MHX’s always go for sabers and saberfaces.

Plus, if you did the final memorial quest, Salter shits on every Caster servant you bring.

Yeah sometimes the AI likes to do this sick joke and focus my Zerker 1st turn


I just know of mhx going for saber faces, the salter memorial targeting casters, a few of the fights in the summer 2 rerun had targeting priority, or the giants in lb2 mostly targeting divine units

I just assume it’s random unless it’s a story quest or cq of sorts

Largely, random. Unless you have Target Focus applied. Exceptions:

  • Memorial Salter = Caster focus
  • Gilles, MHX/Z, Lancelot target Saberfaces
  • Carmilla tends to target women
  • LB2 Giants prioritized Divinity
  • Boudica focuses “Roman”
  • Mordred also focuses “Arthur” trait

Oh I also remembered some fight in Camelot where this boss goes for your servant with the highest hp.

Summer 2 “CQ” for Ishtar copy, carmilla only targeted females, nightingale targeted whomever had the lowest hp. Then mebd’s costume quest she only attacked males.

Salter memorial CQ prioritizes casters

Probably are a few more, but usually just rng, which is why I never rely on the yuri pirates gimmick without taunt ce or hp reducing ce like awakened will (or BG that I don’t have)

There are also the Giants in LB2 who prioritize Divine servants. RIP Tamano, so very, very many times.

As various examples here show, it depends. Some enemies seem to target randomly, others have specific traits they go after.

damn so rng has been shitting on me the whole time…

I also feel this. I can’t count the instances where three enemies just gang up on my servant with full NP bar and kill him.

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Woah, I didn’t know some of these. But they really do make absolute sense lorewise. Gilles still chasing after saberfaces made me chuckle.