EP Canas Build: Which one to do?

Okay, so with the red serpent tome coming out already, I’ve started to think of EP builds for the absolute best red mage in the entire game!

As of now, I’ve got three builds in mind.

Good ol’ DD 10 (which I made in like, 30 seconds, so not much thought was put into it)

Bond Boy: Defense Mode (Just imagine Atk/Res Bond 4 is Def/Res Bond 4)

And a build based off of Sir_of_Coffee’s Hubert. (If you’re wondering why my Canas has Inf Hexblade 2, it’s cause didn’t really care about the full one when foddering a Hubert to my Canas for the tome)

I’d also like to hear if anyone out there has any ideas for the guy (or any improvements to the above builds), but I’ll leave a poll here if you guys just wanna vote on the best of the three.

  • DD 10
  • Bond Boy: Defense Mode
  • Sir_of_Canas

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How much damage does Blue Flame do compared to a 52+ Res Iceberg/Glacies?


Blue Flame compared to Iceberg with his current Res would seal 1 less damage with bonds. It’d deal 2 less at +10 +10DF with bonds.

Without bonds Iceberg deals 8 more at current res, and 10 more with +10 +10DF.

Glacies would do 16 more damage at current res, and 19 more at +10 +10DF with bonds.

Without, it would do 19 more damage at current res and 22 more at +10 10DF.