Epic dragon buster builds thread

Hello! This is gonna be an anti-dragon builds thread. Which character do you mainly use to epically destroy those pesky dragons in Arena and AR? I personally plan to use Deirdre and I’m currently building her. This is my final vision for her but it’ll be mirror impact as A slot

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I don’t have a dedicated dragon killer that I use on a daily basis. :man_shrugging:

Oh, I guess my Fallen Delthea?

Nobody really
Units I use happen to have it with them

Mystic Boost with refined Divine Naga is redundant, unless you really want the healing or to disable Wrathful Staff.

Deirdre is also my favored AR dragon killer. In other modes, I just use whoever since several characters I like have dragon effectiveness anyway.



These are currently my only two units who are built around at least being able to tank dragons a little.

pretty basic Deirdre build but she is mostly able to deal with dragons ( ignore the ploy rank in the s slot I never have enough coins :catdespair:)

I have a spare cloud maiougi lying around for Felicia but I want to make sure I’m going to use it on her or S!Gunnthra for fun.

I’m planning on giving either of them CC but its currently on my W!Eirika… who i never use but can’t fodder because I’d feel bad lol.

The dragons had their time
Now it is ours

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I think you’re going to need more atk than that. Dragons have seen so many anti-dragon weapons at this point that if you don’t have a minimum of something like 54 atk (or triangle advantage) they generally just bite down and power through.

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Don’t do it.

Yeah, that’s why I’ve hesitated given her Clouc Maiougi because Felicia just doesn’t have the attack to dent them most of the time, especially without team support. She’s mostly just there to take a hit from them while generally being able to deal with mages.

If guard ever becomes a seal though, I’ll just refine her weapon and have guard as a seal let her get her special off through her weapon.

EDIT: If you were referring to S!Gunnthra though, yeah. I probably wont give it to her either, she’s just my only really other built dagger unit outside of Flora. I already use Red Hot Ducks+ on her anyways.

I do it like a hipster without dragon effectiveness
(the L!Julia and Alm see use too)


I know everyone here has a hate boner for Gunnthra but I already have her built and I like her sooooo :man_shrugging:

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His Def stat is kinda unfortunate though. :/ Poor guy, he has suffered from powercreep.

I’m not even convinced about the Plate for merged Felicias nowadays. For unmerged or 4*+10 Felicia it’s a fairly solid way to nope just about any mage in the game via QR + glacies (including stuff like mirror impact L.Julia as long as she doesn’t get OHKO’d because powercreep), but merged Felicia…bucket, maybe? Goodie boot, broadleaf fan, and in some situations, cleaner are also options. Plate is to guarantee matchups against mages or punish units that dump their res really hard like Cherche or potentially some Ogma or even B.Alm if they’re not fast enough


Just use Legendary Julia’s B skill. That shuts dragons down entirely.

Which is why he has DC, to make the most out of his res.

Besides 26 def using regal blade + 50 hp makes him quite hard to oneshot

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lol vena is gonna hate this thread

I see what you mean. I generally don’t have fodder options though, I ESPECIALLY want bucket because its an insanely good weapon. And I don’t want to use grails on Cecilia because I’m currently trying to make Rinea my grail project, so it’ll have to wait. Plate is just cheaper right now for me.

Plate is the only weapon I have on mine because I haven’t found a role for her besides arena where I’m satisfied with her potential, and in arena having 400SP on the weapon is useful.