Epic of Remnant Master Missions: Retroactive?

I finished Part 1 around New Years, and I’m stoked for Part 2. Ideally, I’d make an effort for clearing Epic of Remnant before it hits, but something gives me pause. Since I’m planning my saving strategy for the horrors of this summer, I’d like to know if the quartz from the master missions about completing the singularities is awarded retroactively if you’ve already completed them. I started playing when the missions for Part 1 were already active, so I don’t know.

I’ve recently learned that the missions for EoR and its corresponding 1/2 period will begin by the next Anniversary. That’s why I’d like to know if I can already start playing or if waiting until then would be more profitable.

Yes, they are like the ones you just described in that they are permanent and apply retroactively/gain the same bonuses regardless. And so are the Rank Up Quest, Interlude, and Free Quest completion ones.


OK, thank you for the reply!