Epic Seven when compared to Fate Grand Order

Mostly cover

00:32 Gacha System

01:54 Loading Times

02:15 Art

03:52 5* Heroes Availability

04:37 Grinds in both games

05:50 - PvP

06:07 - Energy system in both games

07:10 - Friends/ Support system

07:46 - Devs on treating players/ the game/ compensation

09:07 - Money Values on spending

10:14 - Balancing

10:50 - F2P topic

11:42 - Conclusion/ Verdict

This topic has been brought up quite a lot by many players, so I made this video for those who still have doubts or have thoughts when it comes down to this

I’m gonna try E7 myself as it has piqued my interest so you may see my posting in this board a lot soon xD. I saw this thread on the FGO board and wanted to make a post here as well to put forward my perspective of FGO.

  • Gacha is awful in FGO and all players know that. There are worse rates but there are FAR better gacha systems. Pitybreaks should definitely be a thing.
  • FGO has implemented an update in JP that we will get that cuts down on loading times for the same node. Essentially at the end of the mission you’ll get an option to retry the mission and all you have to do is select a friend support, the waiting is a lot shorter with this. It’s still not perfect though
  • FGO Art is fantastic with a few exceptions, 'nuff said. I do like the specials of E7 from what I’ve seen in videos, but there are far too many beautiful NPs.
  • SSRs aren’t as available in FGO, but you can use F2P units for all content and you get welfare 4 stars to help with this.
  • EXCUSE ME FGO GRIND IS EASIER?!!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!? THIS IS POSSIBLE?
  • PvP would instantly make FGO very unfriendly to F2P players but itt would be nice to have the option at least.
  • I would like more apples so the grind is a bit easier in FGO… but we all save them for Nerofest anyway xDDD
  • Friend system is a bit pointless in FGO, for sure. That’s why I started only adding GP people because I didn’t know any of my “friends”
  • E7 devs sound pretty dope tbh.
  • FGO does give same prices… but I still think the prices are too high and the lack of monthly offers like FEH is a bit disappointing.
  • I like the balancing of FGO. Yeah it takes a while for servant upgrades but all servants have their uses even before their upgrades. It’s just a bonus once they get upgraded.

This is all my opinion and people may disagree with some points. Maybe my opinion will change after I play E7 for a bit.

Thank you Ace. Thanks for the heads up on JP getting an update, hope that comes along to Global/ NA soon enough. I also agree with that pity should be a thing, considering this game is only a PvE game, where it doesn’t really affect other players, in fact it helps since it makes it easier for everyone when everyone uses their whale friends.

In regards to Grinds yes, though you need to farm a ton of qp and mana prisms and mats, overall its much easier compared to E7, I’ve played E7 since launch and i still have many poor gear, and lack of gears to gear up my other units on rosters, and many 5* stays benched until i get the gear

Thanks for your input brother, its very well made, should definitely give E7 a try, it’s not too late to jump in right now ;)

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No worries, I always enjoy discussions. I’ve started the tutorials and definitely like the aesthetic of the game. I think I shall enjoy it and will be posting around soon.

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Nice glad you are enjoying it, it’s currently ranged as 3rd in Gacha’s place in gaming, with FGO usually being ranked 1/ 2