Equal CP pokemon with different IVs

Are Pokemon with higher IVs stronger than lower IV Pokemon with equal CP? For example, will a perfect IV 1500 CP Muk perform better in Great League than a 1500 CP Muk with bad IVs?

Generally, CP is the overall determinant of a Pokémon’s strength, regardless of IVs. A Pokémon with 0% IVs and a Pokémon with 100% IVs at the same CP perform identically. The difference in PvP capped leagues (GL and UL) is that the make up of IVs will determine how much Def, HP, or Attack a given Pokémon has. In general, because the formula for CP is disproportionately affected by Attack, its best to have low attack, hi HP and Def. So a Muk with 0/5/5 will perform better than one with 15/15/15 because (at the same CP) the first has slightly lower attack but more HP and Def.

Hope that sorta clarifies?

Thank you very much!

But a higher attack stat let’s you attack first (like a Mewtwo with 300 attack)if it battles something with lower attack and they use a charge move at the same time (like blissey, which has much lower attack) the Mewtwo goes first. It doesn’t depend on its attack IV, so a 14-15-15 Mewtwo gets priority over a 15-15-15 blissey for charge moves.

To expand on captpepperjack when it comes to PvP you want a higher total stat product (attack+defense+hp). A 15/15/15 Muk will reach 1496 CP at level 19. A 0/15/15 Muk will reach 1496 at level 20.5. Those extra levels give Muk a higher total stat product so it will perform “better.” The difference though is minimal. You’re far better off focusing on knowing type strengths/weaknesses, when to shield or not shield, and when to farm down with fast moves to store up energy.

If you must focus on IVs then go to https://www.stadiumgaming.gg/rank-checker to see how your Pokemon’s IV ranks. A 15/15/15 Muk is ranked 903 where 0/15/15 is ranked 1.

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