Hi there
So, I am into the game and I am playing a lot.
I try to do lot of stuff but it seem like I reached a wall.
My team is to week to fight in arena, and I am stuck in the hunt (also abyss).
The story is progressing just fine , I can do it easly with a couple of exp phantasma for rank up, and I am around withcheaven I think.

But I cant get pass hunt 9 for wyvern and golem. To be fair, I did once the round 9 golem, but even since I was unable to do it, it was kind of lucky.
And my arena team is stuck at gold 4 because I keep on finding team able to oneshot me on arena despite the speed set.
What should I do to increase my gear?

For now, my arena team is
Liliad (speed set),s3 at the start to reduce enemy readiness.
Vivian s3 (also speed set ) for attack up and debuff immunity.
Luluca s3 (aoe def down) (she have around 2600 attack)
Tenebria s3 or 2 (aoe to finish it off) (crit + crit damage set, also around 2400 attack)

For my golem my team is
Liliad, tenebria, tamarinne and Ken (I also have cernia, but I wanted more def down)
For Wyvern my team is luluca, sigret liliad and tenebria.
I am working on Angelica (just promoted her to 5*) and lorina (also 5*) , but their are not equiped.

So… I am in that strange limbo where you need stronger gear to get even stronger gear.
Any suggestion?

All of your team combs are actually pretty good. Though you might want to put at least 1 soul weaver in wyvern. Can’t really mess with bosses in your current state.

Once a player in your situation, all I can really say is just keep grinding on whatever you can play. Keep repeating hunt, get some decent gold and and hope for RNGesus to pop up a good gear. If you are not stuck in abyss then consider getting all the gears there, they are a whole lot useful. And if you are stuck then well, keep repeating the process, getting yourself better while you are at it. But if I remember correctly, the game has quest thing for adventure that you can get 2 sets of atk and crit gear lv70 when completed. Those are good. Also remember to fully maximize your equipment.

Go to Epic7x if you want some useful tips about gear. They covered it up pretty well.