Eresh or Jalter

Hey! Im saving my SQ right now for a servant, but I dont know which one to chose. Two of my favorite servants in the game are Eresh and Jalter. I wanted them both but since theyre coming really close from each other I can only choose one to roll for.
Im still at the beginning of Camelot singularity and I dont have any SSR yet. My only SR servants are Oda Nobunaga, Artoria Alter (Saber), Sakata Kintoki (Rider), Chacha, Beowulf, Gawain and Emiya (Normal & Alter)
So, who should I roll for?
I appreciate every single comment! Thanks to all of you

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You still need a Lancer so Eresh could be a good option. Plus, Lancer has class advantages to make use of better than Avenger, and Ruler bossess aren’t as common (There are some, but still rare enough). She also has good farming potential and is a teamplayer too, so she might end up finding more use than Jalter.

Jalter is still a really solid unit and very remarkable servant to have though very selfish. Anyone could make use of her though. I’m not sure wich one has the least banners though. I think Eresh will have another banner next year as a re-run, but I’m not sure about this. Jalter will have soon enough the re-run of Da Vinci event, and as far as we know, no re-re-runs happened to date.

Since both of them are your favorite, you might aswell test your luck with Eresh who comes first, and maybe you’ll have quite enough quartz to spare for Jalter.

Both servants do come back after those two banners. Eresh will come back in the Chrismas rerun next year and Jalter will come back in May 2021.
I also vote for Eresh since you’re missing a gold lancer.

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Depends on your priorities. Jalter will have another rate up in 2021 but that will be right before the El Melloi banner and right after the GudaGuda 3 rerun and Tokugawa Labyrinth banners.
Ereshkigal is going to have a rate up this christmas and next christmas.

If you don’t care about any other banners just go for Jalter now and Ereshkigal next year.

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Ereshkigal is good for the liver.

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My opinion : Jalter

Jalter will have a rate-up on Da-Vinci event reruns. Idk are you F2P or not, but if you really WANT one one them, better save for Jalter because you’ll get a bunch of benefit from Anniversary, New Year, and any other event so you can save as much as possible to summon her.
Take note that at Da Vinci Event, jalter will get her exclusive costume dress, and i’m sure you dont want to missed it.

Ereshkigal only have 2 banner atm, this year chrismash and next year at rerun, but take note that next year you’ll get another benefit from 3rd Anniversary.

Plus jalter mats aren’t that hard to get compred to ereshkigal (since you’re a new player).

So does that mean if you get Jalter after the event you can’t get it?

No, players still can get that costume, onlt need tp clear solomon & main quest event.

From a gameplay perspective, Eresh is more useful to have than Jeanne Alter. Eresh is useful for both farming and challenging content, while Jeanne Alter really only sees use in challenging content, and only if you can’t take advantage of triangle advantage.

More like how unlocking an old mana prism shop CE from the rare prism shop works. You don’t actually get the costume, you get the right to buy the costume after you’ve met the necessary conditions of owning the Servant and having them at or higher than their normal max level cap.

In other words, you don’t need to own a Servant to obtain the right to buy their costume later, but, even if you have the Servant, you won’t be able to obtain their costume if you fail to get the right to buy the costume. The sole exception to this rule so far is a Servant from LB3, but their outfit is listed as minimum of 1 year from the mana prism shop, so you’ll be able to buy the right when you obtain the Servant.

So it’s like if I don’t have jalter by da vinci’s event and missed the chance to unlock it, I can unlock it afterwards by using rare prism after I got her?

Iirc, as long i play jp. No you can’t.
I summoned Jalter on Lastest event and can’t find her costume o RP.

Okay, sounds like it’s a one off thing (apart from re-run), then yea, better off getting jalter soon rather than later lol

No. Regardless of whether you own the Servant or not, if you fail to obtain the right to buy the costume, you will never be able to buy the costume.

Jeanne Alter’s costume right was something you could purchase in the event shop, and didn’t require having rolled Jeanne Alter to buy.

Both are solid servants, though might I add that we’ll be getting another chance at NP5 Jalter Lily during Christmas rerun. She has a really good aoe NP for a lancer, and to date is my most used gold lancer.

Okay, I think I get what you are saying here now, so even I don’t own the servant, I can still do the quest during the event to unlock it, it’s just I won’t able to see the unlock costume because I don’t own the servant. Therefore I’ll get the costume as soon as I get jalter anytime afterwards

However, if I didn’t do the event at all which means I didn’t do the quest, then this costume is locked away forever, which is potentially in @Da-Vinci-chan’s case?

Looks like i get the wrong idea about this because i misreading the wikia.
For further informartion, try to check this

I’m sorry @Pandarilla

Nah, it’s ok

They do make things difficult to understand sometimes
But i forgot to mention, I do own jalter right now even though we went through all those trouble to find out the answer :rofl:

Nah it’s okay, because OP can read this too.


JAlter saved my backside so many times I can’t even count. Every time there’s some difficult mixed class node, JAlter comes with her sarcasm and hot flames and saves the day. She crits hard, can do buster brave chains, Merlin is her bestie, and she isn’t as squishy as zerkers (oh, how she loves zerkers, eats them on breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Yes, she’s class neutral most of the time but 1.1 avenger’s modifier is a compensation of sorts. (Also, she works nice with lancer Liz since JAlter gives an additional buff to all dragon allies, and Liz does the same for female allies). But yeah, you can always try your luck in 2021 and also get story-locked Salieri and Tristan as a bonus.