Ereshkigal team

I was thinking, Eresh’s third skill has an uptime of 3T and a cooldown of 3T. Theoretically then, would 2 10/10/10 Ereshs have Protection of the Netherworld constantly up? Throw in a Merlin, and that’s pretty broken imo. A constant def, np gen,max hp, and atk buff(through the nps) is really good, even for challenge quests. Any thoughts?


I’d still rather have, say, a Waver or a second Merlin. Eresh doesn’t impress me too much as a support.

Having a battery and an AoE NP automatically gives her some farming potential, but she’s not outstanding in gameplay terms.


It would probably work for normal battles but I can see some issues for CQs.

The first is that their decks will make it hard to gain NP even with their buffs.
Eresh’s np gain is pretty good but 5 arts carts all together is a bit on the low end but I guess you can compensate with some 2030s?

The second is that 20% defence might not be enough for a CQ.
For instance the Gilfest this year had escalating buffs and after a certain point the enemies could power through your defence… or even early on if they crit.

The final is that their damage output might be on the lower end for a high paced battle.
Another Gilfest mention, one of the CQs turned problematic if it lasted longer than x turns.
By that point the enemies would have Attack, crit, pierce Invul and if I recall correctly defence buffs.

But even for a normal CQ there are times you need to kill enemies fast to prevent the foes from using NP’s at the wrong turns, something this team will have issues with handling.
They can’t drain gauges and their only safety net is Merlin’s second skill.

Having said that I’m actually interested in testing it in routine battles.


I got some more copies of Eresh and decided that she would be my Lancer Cleo with MLB Black Grail.

BG and NP5 fix a LOT of damage issues…