Ereshkigal the Death Tutor

So I saw a comic a while ago where Eresh asks Gramps why he is in her NP, and he replies that he goes there to watch the master of death at work. So now I have this head canon that Gramps and Nitocris see Eresh as their senpai, which leads to hilarious hijinks. For example, I imagine an instance where Eresh is watching the player from around a corner, and King Hassan and Nitocris are both following her. While she is watching the master, KH is looming behind her and peeking around the corner trying to figure out the most efficient way to kill everyone who stands in Eresh’s way, and Nitocris is a little further behind furiously scribbling notes in a notebook. I would’ve drawn a comic, but I don’t have any artistic skill. But I still wanted to share this idea because I think it is funny/cute


Wait, He is in her np?! I never noticed


He shows up sometimes along with Nito (presumably Summer Nito since she’s wearing a sheet).

KH appears near the upper right corner and Nito in the upper left. Sometimes it’s just one, sometimes it’s both.


So its just random?

Yup, at least afaik. I’ve never seen any pattern to it.

Wow thats so aweome.

Now im going to play all np animations at normal speed just to notice little details.

I don’t think there’s many Servants with features like that.
Another one I can think of right now is Superhuman Orion who comes to NA by the end of next year.
He has a second, silly animation where Artemis strangles him.


Well I know Jason has like 3 servants show up on his. Really hilarious

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