Error Code: 99-165

Has anyone experienced/seen this error code before? Specifically in Beni-enma’s Interlude, third arrow.

It is preventing me from finishing the Interlude. Idk if this error is happening due to the Servant Coin error and/or due to me being in the middle of the Interlude when maintenance began or something completely different.

If someone has experienced this error, is there a solution?


This usually happened to me when i picked a support and went into battle loading screen but quit before it finished loading. I took it to mean that the support player who i borrowed the servant from is no longer available. Try to change supports and see if it helps.

I’m having this issue as well. The person who said to just pick another support isn’t fixing the problem. Even with story support I have this issue. I think the game needs another bug update since we got the coins recently

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Hmm, in that case, the only thing i can think of is contacting the company. You will probably receive a confirmation mail soon after, but resolving the issue is likely to take a few days at least.

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Unfortunately this seems to be a different problem. I think in this case of Beni’s interlude, I’m restricted to 4 servants with 3 of them being NPCs and the final being my Beni-enma.

At around 11:50 this player has all supports in their party while I am only able to choose one. I cannot choose friend supports as they do not even appear and all my other servants are restricted except for Beni.

Support was contacted but I’m at the end of the line for their problems most likely.

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Yea, it took them a while to fix Artoria’s NP visual. Have you tried to clear the Cache ? (NOT THE DATA!)

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Yea. I gave it a shot twice. Tried once without redownloading the data and once with. I haven’t tried it since they put out an update a few hours ago so things might change. I’m sort of waiting to see if the coin fix may fix it too. Granted this seems like a diff problem.

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Well seems like it was a problem on their end with some of the interludes. Looks like it is cleared up.

Was your problem fixed too @Nikki_Luvs?