Error Finding Match -> Mysterious GBL Loss

anyone else having this issue? happened to me 3x now between my main and alt :frowning:

I’ve had the “Error Finding Match” as well as “Error 6” pop up a few times, but it’s never led into a loss anywhere near enough to seem suspicious

I had the “Error Finding Match” but no mystery loss. GBL has more bugs and glitches than usual. Simply put, GBL is essentially unplayable right now.

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yeah i’ve gotten that error many many times in preseason and S1 but it never resulted in a loss until yesterday, and now the frequency is irritating. doesn’t seem nefarious but still kinda BS. maybe that’s why they delayed S2?

at this rate i doubt that will ever change lmao

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Had that happen yesterday. Didn’t find the match, counted as a loss (assume it did for him/her too). It’s happened to me a few times in both seasons (maybe 2 or 3 times each).

well i guess at least i’m not crazy lol. still sucks :frowning: