Error in Meiji ladder point planner

Just noticed this as I was trying to decide whether to just max out one side’s ladder. Normally, I’d just file a bug report, but since some people might be using it to plan things, and now’s about the time to make such big decisions, I thought that it needed a wider notification.

I’m at about 450k give or take a couple thousand on each, and wanted to see how much more I’d get by maxing out each. I noticed that it was telling me I would get 4 fans on each, but that didn’t make sense, as I thought fans (for Chacha copies) were on one side (Shin/blue), and her ascension mats on the other (Oda/red). And the ladder point descriptions are correct on that.

But when I put 450,000 + 600,000 into the planner, it tells me I’ll get 4 fans from each–and then looking closer, it tells me that I’ll get the exact same mats–Tearstones and Gallstones. But the Oda side drops Languos and Hearts.

So, I think the Oda planner is using the Shin data.