Error in the Banner List

I’ll post this here, because that Gamepress’ page doesn’t have a comment section.

There is a BIG error in the Banner List.
It says that the featured characters in the next banner will be Mr. Nothing, Saga and Dusk. When Nian is also included there.

The info in the banner’s page is actually correct tho. So that’s just a little mistake in the Banner List.

I hope no one pulled in the Nian’s banner because of that (like I did) and got 4 Aaks in the process of trying to get Nian (like me).

Nian’s not a featured character tho, she just has a higher rate than other spooks, as for the exact rate I have no idea but it’s not comparable to rate ups.

Ye, but she is a limited character after all, so she should be at Featured Characters. To let the readers know that she’s in there.

I mean, they literally did that in the Banner’s page, as I said.

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Fair, listing should have had nian, even if practically it’s not reliable

Just so you know, every page on GP has this feature:

So you can report an error/make a suggestion.

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Ohhh, so you can click on that!

Thanks pal, it’s so small I didn’t notice.

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You’re welcome ^^

Yeah, it is small. I mostly remember it exists because there was no other way to let mods know of
site’s troubles when the forum didn’t exist yet.

Also, person of culture who loves Thorns :feh_navarreculture: