Essential 4* servants, current and future

Ever since my alt descended into the lowest depths of gacha hell (1970+ SQ and counting without a single SSR… ever), my spirit has been broken with regards to ever pulling a 5* on that account. So I figured it might be better to temper my ambitions and aim solely for valuable 4*s instead.

I’d like to know people’s opinions on what they consider the most essential gacha 4* s, with the benefit of clairvoyance, from now and up to Japan currently. The assumption is you’re not using superior 5*s to replace them. Please add disclaimers if they require SSR supports, such as Skadi or Merlin, to enable them. Thanks!


Sheba, who comes with the next chapter. Circe too for stun/charmlock setups.

Lanling with LB3. CasGil. Helena. Saberlot/Yagyu. Fujino. Lalter/Lancer Raikou. Nitocris + Astolfo are good QoL improvements. Wu and Shiki are the only 4* assassins worth chasing (although I also like Carmilla and Kerry…and Stheno for charmlocking). Edison is the king of stall on JP right now—like Edison + healing + def boost + NP drain (so like, + Mash & Tamamo) just doesn’t die.

Banana and Herc are always good Berserkers to have. Penth is too.


hmmm… All the Welfares I guess. It’s the only thing I’m looking forward to because gacha is hell. Get them all and we could probably survive against the odds that is F2P.


you’ll want a single target and an AoE to use against each class. Helena is a solid stopgap if you don’t have waver and does solid damage. You can plug the card-type semi-supports in to the ‘one of each’ categories as they’re pretty solid (Pent, Wu, caster Gil). Some of the best 4*s are welfares.
Don’t underestimate how well 3*s perform. There are several 3*s that will do better on that list of damage dealers than an NP1 4*.

Good picks! Though I half-expected Chiron (Archer), Astraea (Ruler), and possibly Emiya Alter (Archer) after rank up too.

And then there’s the stable of eventual Quick loopers…

Oh yeah, I forgot about Chiron—he’s some of the best crit support we’ll get. I have him on JP and he’s great.

Qin Liangyu is good too, albeit more situational. MHXX will be your only foreigner and Passionlip will be your only farming Alter Ego, should you need help clearing Rider waves.

Luvia is good too…but she’s a long ways away.

Emiya Alter…if Euryale isn’t the best pick, then Robin will be. I have him np5 and…pass. plus he needs gears and gears are :fgo_badciv:

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In my list of essential servants there is:

1- Nitocris assassin to pair with TAmamo e Chiyome for a great stalling assassin and NP spamming team. Since my Chiyome is NP5

2- MHXX because she is a strong foreigner and the only one i desire, and a foreigner is needed against possible future strong berserker

3- Okita assassin, because i like her and she can easily create tons of stars. She is a 4* Jack, in terms of star generation.

For 5*, i consider essential only jeanne ruler, banner this november

6- Almost forgot Tomoe Gozen, i have her Np5 and a single target buster archer paired with a waver and merlin can really help against sabers in hard content.

In fact, there is a saber in lostbelt who will suffer from my Tomoe


Pretty good list imo.

The only SR I could add to this would be Zerkerlot but that’s dependent on Skadi and seeing as this thread is about existing without SSRs then I guess that’s a no go.

Full disclaimer: I am an Emiya fanboy, so it’s not the most objective analysis…

Maybe not essential, but OG Emiya is an excellent servant to have.

His projection and Hawkeye skills are excellent, he has good np gain with UBW destroying waves. Hawkeye can make the stars off UBW.
And up to 100% crit for 3 turns is no joke.

He goes well with an ally buffing his atk, so he can stack crit+projection+atk up for boss killing regulair attacks.

As a bonus he has an evade.

Sure, Saber Lancelot or Herc. will outdamage him, but there are not many 4* servants that can match Emiya’s versatility.

My thought process is so disjointed that it went

emiya->emiya related things-> chloe-> chloe’s bond line about Irisviel…

I need to rest or at least have coffee…

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Yes, I approve of coffee.


You, sir, are a Master of Culture. I don’t care what everybody else says about you.


Wow guys, I found the actual rank E luck player.

There really aren’t any must-have SR servants. Thankfully, this game can be cleared with only 1-3 servants. My first suggestion would probably be Helena Blavatsky. She has a 20% NP charge and multi card buff that turns farming into a breeze. Nitocris is another good one. Instakills bronze mobs with her NP. Great farmer. BB possess some pretty nifty support abilities and of course is the premier avenger killer.

It’s really hard to suggest any other 4-star servants at this point because there are 3-star servants who do the same exact thing for less investment. A lot of them are decent but don’t have any unique niche that screams “you must get this servant”, or their niche is so narrow that they really aren’t worth getting over other 4-star servants. glares at Irisviel

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Apart from some ST boss-killers others have already mentioned, I agree that Helena and Nitocris are two of the most important SRs to have.

Helena is the only non-SSR with team-wide 20% NP charge afaik, and her 3rd skill is quite versatile, plus if her 2nd skill’s NP buff triggers, she can output rather high AOE damage herself, even at NP1.

Nitocris is the only AOE servant with a skill that charges her NP to 100%+, and with her Death mechanic she can kill some mobs that would otherwise have too many HP. She’s also a prime candidate for CEs like Black Grail, and she can do back-to-back NPs with a KScope + Helena.

Otherwise, at least for farming, getting an NP2 SurferMo from one of the DL campaign banners next year would be useful, too. With a Helena with 10/x/9(or 10) skills + Paracelsus with x/9(or 10)/10(upgraded) skills, she can easily NP loop any node with 3 casters per wave. And her star gen + tankiness are OK too, so its not like she’s useless outside of farming.

And of course, don’t neglect the better ones amongst the 1-3-star servants.
Robin, David, Euryale, Caesar, Medusa, Medea, Arash, Spartacus, Paracelsus (at the latest when he gets his skill upgrade), Bedivere… there are many good ones, and some of them definitely worth grailing up by 10 levels, too, making them perform as good or even better than several SRs.

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