Est: Arena and Rokkr Sieges

Despite reaching 766 max score range in the arena score calculator, it’s been a hot minute wasting arena blades and I’ve still yet to come across a single team that scores 766, why is that?

The Team

My L!Julia isn’t max merged yet, which is why I decided to summon on this month’s Mythic banner to finish her. I’ll also try to get a couple merges for my +1 L!Micaiah and build her as my wind season main.

That aside, I’ve never stopped using Est. She’s my most used unit in Rokkr Sieges, because even against green units she hits really strong. I usually use her with Death Blow 3 and Guard 2 from back when Guard 3 was worth 20k feathers. She’s usually supported by one of her sisters (with the same skills) and a heron dancer to easily activate her Prf’s condition and restore health.

So I thought: now that she’s gotten a resplendent and I have her at +10, why don’t I take this chance to give her some nice skills? I’ll be scoring 768 and it won’t be such a pain to fish for 766 and stay for this and next week’s arena season. She’ll also pack an extra punch on Rokkr Sieges so it’s a win-win condition.

With that in mind, I went to my manuals and I’m currently undecided between these 3 options:

Set #1

Notable fodder: Ophelia + Summer Ingrid

Set #2

Notable fodder: Pirate Tibarn + Adrift Corrin(F)

Set #3

Notable fodder: Brave Eliwood + 4* Luthier

Right now I’m a bit inclined towards set #3 since it’s the most efficient fodder-wise and this way I’ll get Guard 3, which is the only B skill she’ll be using in Rokkr Sieges anyway. What do you guys think? Any advice is welcomed.

  • Set 1
  • Set 2
  • Set 3

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Bad luck, presumably, although it’s also possible that there are just not many teams that score 766

I punched roughly the highest possible scoring defense you can come across into the calculator (L-Nanna + L-Claude + Duo Chrom + Duo Dagr) and got a 768 defense score, and that’s like the whaliest of whale teams

Gutsy trying to maintain T21 without a fully merged legendary; I remember someone here dropped last season using +10 L-Azura and all +10 water blessed units

L-Nanna has boosted the Earth season scoring ceiling slightly so it’s gonna be tough


Yeah, same case for L!Catria and water season.
I think also NY!Dagr and D!Chrom are the main reason all season’s score ceiling went up.
It feels like arena gets nastier every month nowadays.


Oh absolutely, these two are the top culprits for the bloat

Scoring like 200 BST units, gross

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Last week I somehow managed to also stay in T21, despite my L!Chrom being +7 too.

I think it was because I invested high SP skills on my Shigure. I gave him Rally Def/Res+ from V!Mist (had an extra manual from the free ephemera), which was very useful and has the perfect synergy with his refined lance.

Which is why I think that if I invest at least a single B!Eliwood manual into Est, I can fish for a high score team with a bit more confidence. My team doesn’t score the hightest and I don’t plan saving orbs to merge a duo to +10 anytime soon, but if I think I have a decent chance at staying, I think it’s worth a shot. I like to think that at least my barracks are getting broader in utility, which is the case for both Shigure and Est.

By the way, regarding the fodder

If you use Est primarily for Rókkrs, Set 3 is by far the best option

Heavy Blade does not help at all if you quad unless the Rókkr has a Guard effect as you’ll charge Galeforce in a single round against the Rókkr thanks to their counterattack (guaranteed counterattack also makes Dive Bomb worthless, and Est’s eh Spd stat makes her not the best Dive Bomb candidate in general)

Similarly Guard Bearing is not super useful because Est is almost entirely a PP unit. OG Tibarn would be a better fodder choice if you just want the Impact

(By the way if you got Thórr I would argue she is one of the best choices for the S-Ingrid manual and I’m strongly considering it myself despite my Thórr having the worst possible traits)


I concur with Luna, set 3 is probably the best for arena and Rokkr. It’s pretty similar to my set up, only that I use goad fliers in RS because I’m running all fliers for her Triangle attack.


Went for set 3 as recommended.
Safely staying in T21 with 3880. Seems like my worriyng was unnecessary.

Thanks @LadyLuna @xchan :sparkles:

It almost feels as if water season is where the discusting two +10 legendaries with two 200 scoring duos are concentrated. Or maybe because of L!Dimitri being the bonus legendary and many people had him high merged because of hero fest.

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It does seem like all the new +10 L-Dimitris bloated the score ceiling because people with 3880 scores were dropping before

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Yeah I know, I was one of those who totally freaked out and went fishing for 766 matches last minute in order to stay.

Which explains why I created this topic haha. But now I feel dumb :clown_face: probably a bit paranoid.

The first week (1/3) of the previous bonus rotation my L!Chrom was still +4 so there was no hope for me to stay. In between week 2 I managed to merge him to +7 thanks to the still on-going mythic banner, which helped me climb 2nd week and staying 3rd week.

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