Est - Junior Whitewing : What is your favorite build?

I try to give her a good skill set to counter armored teams in the Arena.
I kept her own lance. Her support skill is flexible. Flashing Blade Seal may be helpful because armored units are usually slow. I think she will be good with some combo.

*1) Galeforce + Hit and run
*2) Galeforce + Desperation
*3) Aether + Windsweep
*4) Aether + Watersweep

Her A skill is B Duel Flying.
(If you think other units will be more useful in the Arena than Est, please let your opinion here : B Duel Flying )

In your opinion, which combo should I give her ?
What is your Est - Junior Whitewing ?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Fliers can’t use Flashing Blade (don’t ask why, but apparently IS said no)

You can run Windsweep if you want, but the cheerleader meta is over, so there’s no harm letting Est kill things. She’s one of the best units for this role, in fact. Desperation and H&R don’t score as high, and fliers are unfortunately locked out of a lot of useful B slots. I can’t come up with many alternatives right now aside from chills, but if you have Flier Formation she’d be good with that (I assume you’re using other fliers).


It would be, but only Infantry and Armours can use Flashing Blade.

Who else do you use in Arena? If you use her with other fliers, I’d suggest Flier Formation for B or Seal because of her +Eff.

For special I’d prefer Galeforce since you’d want to use high-scoring Rally skills (or Harsh Command+) for assists, so more mobility options are quite useful.

Edit: Renewal is a decent choice for the B slot if there’s no other 240 SP available/convincing option.

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I’d probably give her Galeforce + Desperation, but unless she has Heavy Blade, or some way to accelerate special procs, she won’t reliably Galeforce.

If on a flier team, this is probably what I would go with.

Not that fast on her own, but with flier buffs she can reach pretty decent speed values.

Ignore the Reposition, I got build happy and forgot about the scoring, lol.

Use the superior Whitewing 20191105_115725

I’ll see myself out


You’re not wrong tho

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Of course I’m not :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

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I fixed your silly typo. Don’t even know how you put what you put

Use all three Whitewings :feh_yunecool:


Unfortunately Palla got screwed with the “gem weapon” curse

Yes but if you’re using all three you have two lances on the team so deleting greens is pretty helpful.


True. But I only use Catria.

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