Etching the Glorious Moment — Arknights Achievement System

In early June, Arknights CN released its own achievement system, “Etching the Glorious Moment”, together with Contingency Contract #1 Operation Pyrite. This system rewards players with Hexagon Etching badges when they meet certain requirements.
•This is what it looks like.

•There’re currently 3 sizes of badges that can be unlocked: Small hexagon badge, Medium hexagon badge and Large hexagon badge. When a badge is unlocked, players can customize the placing order the way they want. Badges are currently NOT able to be shown to your in-game friends.

•Each event has its own badge(s). Sets of badges are currently Contingency Contract events only.

• The most important part:
There’s a badge for completing Contingency Contract permanent stage. By reaching rank SSS (That’s usually Risk Level 16) grants players with this badge. However, if players who completed permanent stage with risk level 18 or higher, and most importantly, within the first week of current CC event, their badge will be granted with Plating.
This is what CC#1 Operation Pyrite Plating badge looks like.

How do you guys think about this? Feel free to leave some comments down below. :slight_smile:


It’s a great addition to players, at no cost of resources. And a good way to spice up some competition given that there’s no PVP in AK.

True. And makes the game more like a P2W game than a strategic game. :joy:

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Oh cool. An achievemts system! This reminds me of AL’s own little medal system. Pretty much a flex system all things considered but you got to admit the skill needed to figure out how to do things blind for CN players.

Yeah, achievement system are sometimes really hard, especially those “hidden achievements” that you have no idea how to unlock them. :joy: But luckily, AK’s achievement system doesn’t contain those “hidden achievements”, as far as I know.
I don’t know about other games, but AK is pretty easy for English speakers to understand and play, since nearly all gameplay elements have recognizable icons and even their own English translation, even it’s CN server.:slight_smile:

Do badges come with mats awards? LMD? EXP? No? Then I don’t care :fgo_insane:

I cant help but remember the old rune pages in LoL

Currently only 2 Recruit Badges contain rewards. 300 recruits grants players a chance to choose one between Indra and Vulcan. The same goes for 1000 recruits as well.


Oh wow, I have a chance to do smth about my Vulcan’s absurd DP cost in the future :fgo_insane:

Interesting. We get a free Vulcan and Indra. Not that I’ll be using them a whole lot but it’ll be fun to use them for something.

I’m currently at doctor level 117, and still don’t have Indra… :joy: Lemon eating :

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them :'D
My Vulcan came off a simple “Defender” tag set to 9 hours, nothing, NOTHING more. So I guess Indra is waiting for you at the end of some “Guard” tag :)

For me, Indra and Vulcan are much more rare than 6*s. :joy: But the requirement for those badges are pretty hard to meet. 300 times of recruit for one of those two and 1000 times of recruit for the other one. That may take a year or two to complete. :joy:

Oh, my Vulcan came with only one Defender as well! But tried for god knows how many times with Guard tags, and even with all three tags that Indra has, a bunch of Melantha, Popukar and literally NOTHING MORE. :joy: Sad.

:fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:
I’m so tired of seeing her. Her and Beagle, my two personal stalkers, because even when all tags manage to fall off, one of those two are waiting. I’ve not seen Kroos as often as those two. I mean, I’ve finally got “Robot”+“Melee”! 03:50! Fell off! “Etto… Me-Melantha desu…” :fgo_badciv:

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Look at the bright side, at least we don’t have to listen to that kokodayo thing over and over again everyday haha. :joy:

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I feel this pain so much. Been trying to recruit Indra since this game started. 3 senior op tags. The first fell off and I’ve got 2 Specters from the others :sleepy:


This one is definitely aimed for vets with a strong and balanced line-up or whales if this CC is anything to go by.

It’s great though as it gives players another thing to aim for that they can get just by playing. Though I imagine there’s also the competitive aspect when people start flexing which ones they have.


Totally agree. I’m now a little tired after grinding through all these events in such a sort time. :joy: Perhaps the only reason for me to play the incoming CC#2 Operation Blade is that badge with plating. :joy: