Even more OP Lon'qu close call

So quite a long time ago I created and posted build with close call Lon’qu that was better than the shield pulse one and today thanks to a Guy using Shothis on VG I realiced a way to make him EVEN more OP, so the thing is following the last build I made was close call since It would reduce dmg because nobody is faster than Lon’qu so he always get a 40% dmg reduction all the time. The thing is, Lon’que sword reduces CD on special by 1 what means he can have noontime on 1 CD + Shothis C he can go with permanent noontime what means that he would be always healing on every hit he does. so I went and test it on a Battle sim and It work even better than the other one, what’s more he win even more in the enemy turn, I also had no idea about wich seal should I use so I have him brazen atk/res due to get more dmg the less heal he gets to heal even more with noontime and also beeing able to tank more hits from mages anyway here’s the build

. If you think about another seal pls let me know.



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What are you @'ing me for

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They asked advice, you have Lon’qu and thought you could maybe say something :thinking:

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@Eflakis - Time to scream in ecstasy.

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I use Lon’qu, but not Close Call Lon’qu :feh_tooobin:

That said though, looks like a very fun idea. I’d make the IV +Atk, possibly the Seal Brazen Atk/Spd, looks golden to me otherwise. I like the idea of being able to sustain and tank like this, will be keeping it in mind.

I’m still waiting on a Spd based special that’s inheritable

And I’m hella jealous of the fodder this guy’s got, Close Call especially

Brazen atk/spd makes spd useles since you already double everything and the +spd iv IS to make sure close call proc the 40% dmg reduction with literally every hero even F Mareeta or F Corrin

Man that’s a feh builder XD my lon’qu is +3 and I still don’t have close call or lnd4 I only have lnd3 XD

I think Mareeta is one of the only units that’s actually faster than Lon’qu.

F Mareeta and this NY Green unit are faster on their base stats but no one can outspeed a +spd double lnd lon’qu

Try me bitch

… Yeah, Mareeta can. Her prf gives her +4 Spd when active, so at max merges, flowers, and Darting Blow seal she reaches 68 speed while Lon’qu reaches like 66. There was already a thread before this about how Mareeta was the fastest unit in it game.

Added in Summoner Support to make them higher. Mareeta reaches 70 while Lon’qu reaches 68.

Swift Sparrow 3 gives the same speed boost as Life and Death 4… So no, Mareeta is still faster.

I thougth you were talking about the F Mareeta anyway she can’t double Lon’qu no matter what she only win by 2

I’d go with a dual HP seal. Probably HP/Atk 2.

HP becomes really important with great amounts of damage reduction like this :feh_legion:

yeah I was actually thinking about that one

anway she can’t run this build due to the last of cd reduction on her weapon

Actually, she can double Lon’qu depending on his builds.

Don’t forget that if she’s initiating she’s getting +6 speed. The only time Lon’qu can stop her from doubling on enemy phase is with Darting Stance.

If he’s running Darting Blow then he’ll get doubled.