Even though I have a +10 Lyon, would it worth getting the Forma soul for the skills?

I’m just wondering if it’s ideal to use a Forma Soul mainly for gaining some new skills, and if it’s worth the investment of a Forma soul, just so I can fully optimise him with Atk Smoke 4. I do have 2 Forma souls right now (and 1 other in summoners duels), so I would have some to spare.

Here is the Forma Lyon:

And here is my current Lyon:

So would it be worth it?

  • Yes, get the Forma Unit
  • No, it’s not necessary

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Also just to make sure, I’d keep my previous skills and Dragonflowers from my original Fallen Lyon right?


fallen lyon needs as many premium skills as he can get his little hands on now, I would get it because he’s at least able to function somewhat well with them

and yeah, you keep previous skills and dragonflowers


Personally I would not get a forma just for one skill. But it’s not the worst thing to do either


thats fair, but have you considered fallen lyon desperately sucks right now and needs whatever he can lol

I say this as a lyon enjoyer


Yeah, using Lyon is rough these days.

He does a great job checking Ninja Lyn and Ninja Corrin in Arena, but that’s about it for the most part.


lol he’s not the worst unit.

Getting a forma also implies spending trait fruits for an IV as well…


he’s by no means the worst, but he’s far from a proper functioning unit if you use him in any pvp related environment


my man needs the julius treatment with his refine


In general I think using a forma for a unit you already have +10 is pretty good because it means you’ve already invested in them and clearly love them.

I will say that’s also usually for kit overhauls or alt. Kits. Just for one skill does seem a little sketchy, but not the worst or anything.

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I voted yes not just because of Atk Smoke 4 but because that set also has Sturdy Stance 3

Every single unit with that skill is an armored unit and Lyon can get no other worthwhile skills off of any of them. Same goes for Gustav. So that’s not one but two fodders that can be used on other units


Hate to stay neutral but: it’s completely up to you.

And by that I mean: is he a unit you see regular use from? Is he a favorite? Have you really wanted Atk smoke 4 for him but couldn’t quite get your hands on it? Do you foresee yourself getting Atk smoke 4 any time soon? Is there a rush to do so? And will you get any value out of the other skills he acquired?

These are the questions I’d ask before making a final decision, and clearly I can’t make it for you.