Event Calendar NA: LB2 and Ishtar Cup flipped?

As most people know, the NA anniversary event typically comes a few weeks earlier than JP’s. Whereas the JP anniversary is scheduled at the end of July – early August, the NA anniversary generally falls at the start of July and is aligned with Anime Expo, where they have a panel announcing the updates. For reference, 2020’s AX is scheduled for July 2nd-5th.

This usually means some event reshuffling. I’m guessing for 2020, it’ll be a bit more drastic, since it wouldn’t make sense to introduce Skadi before Lostbelt 2: Gotterdammerung. My wager is that GudaGuda 3 gets moved forward a week, to right after the Hunting Quests, since it’s unlikely there will be an Extella Link campaign for NA. Then instead of Dead Heat rerun, we’ll have the Ishtar Cup swapped with Lostbelt 2. So both summer events will come after the anniversary.

Any other guesses on event timing?

That salt will flow regardless, and people will cry of a dead game before we even know how it’s handled, because what is waiting, patience, and trusting in the staff to not screw it up after their worst instance with the first GSSR?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Interlude Campaign 5 and/or KOGETSUKAN dropped earlier to accelerate the event pacing, allowing for GDGD2 RR/Okita/13M DL dropping earlier as well. I’m also in agreement with EXTELLA LINK being cut or packed into something else, and potentially back-to-back HQ-GDGD2-GDGD3… or at least back-to-back GDGD2. Then just move right into LB2, and drop Anni earlier.

The latter two did overlap according to JP’s schedule, and my read on NA scene is that they’re largely more inclined to accelerate or have people put up with back-to-back event funtimes. Compare NA Rashomon->JTTW->Onigashima, with RUQ Campaign 3 overlapping with JTTW while in JP they coincided with a week-ish break before Onigashima, all before Camelot, with a 2 day break before 1st Anni.

I know that in JP they did Agartha -> Summer 1 RR -> 2nd Anni, while in NA it went Agartha -> 2nd Anni -> Summer 1 RR, although with NA Anni and Summer overlapped, surely to help make scheduling less of a mess. On the flip side, given exactly that, I’d not be surprised if it went how you guessed.


you’re not allowed to say taht :man_in_manual_wheelchair:smh
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skadi HAS to come out after lostbelt 2. no matter what they do. both cuz skadi is introduced in it and her mats are in it.

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that didnt stop magireco and it wont stop fgo :man_in_manual_wheelchair: