Event CEs is it possible to come back

After seeing JP getting saber lily in the FP gacha is it possible for event CEs to come back like for example golden sumo? Sorry just this just is a question I had for quite some time…

As of now we don’t expect them to come back. But hey, we didn’t expect a 50 choose 1 ticket either…

I really hope they come back, especially golden sumo. I started playing halfway through the event and only managed to get 2 copies. Hope I have another chance to get all copies


most likely what may happen they may be in the rare prism shop. Didn’t they do the same thing with some of the nerofest ces?

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the nerofest ces and like ones mainly had to do with the thing of the events with them only being ran once, which is probably why

still, that’d probably be the only possible way they’d do this, if anything

so I hope you have 25 rare prisms stashed up to mlb that say, golden sumo copy that you missed out on

what? you aren’t a leviathan swimming in usos?

yeah, well ■■■■ you - dw

Uhm, you only need to pay 5 RP to unlock CE in shop and then 1k MP per copy, not 5 RP per copy

not for event ces

those are 5 rp per copy


Interesting, wording for them really is different than for other CE exchange in the RP shop, never noticed or payed attention to it, I guess. But whoah - this is insane :fgo_jeannu:

Golden Sumo is good, but there are equivalent CEs available (albeit less universal than GS). What I really want is Maid In Halloween. Oh, the solos I’d try with that…

It was an example

Probably no