【Event Collaboration Discussion】Operation Originium Dust

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Animation PV


Event Period: August 18th, 2021, 10:00(UTC-7) - September 1st, 2021, 03:59(UTC-7)
Unlock Condition: Clear 1-10

Welfare OP

Rewards and Shop

Banner: Attack-Defence-Tactical Collide

Free Pulls

Sign in rewards


New Skin

  • Rainbow6 Series – “Ranger” – Ash
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • Rainbow6 Series – “Lord” – Tachanka
    • Cost: 15 OP
  • Raythean Striker Series – “Skyline” – Schwarz
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • Raythean Striker Series – “Overload” – Liskarm
    • Cost: 18 OP

New Annihilation

New Furniture

New Lucky Drop Furniture

New Game Mode: Defence Protocols

Change name card

P/s: A month earlier, I just want to get this thread over with cause the stream has it included :ak_sad:


So it can be friendslist or random?

I guess it’s better to play with people you can chat with after:

I assume there’s still people in the community I’m missing:

Let me know if you add me and I’ll make some room


It can be both but just for active doctors around the time you make a co-op, if you want a specific person to co-op, there will be a code for it, just send the code to that person to enter, I or somebody else shall make a separate thread for this game mode when the collab comes close, people could use the thread to invite peeps here to co-op :ak_kaltsitsip:




Done with 8 map, damn that od8 was kinda making my brain nuts with all those mobs spam, tried all nuke ways but couldn’t get through the last spawn until I realized that those bomb could pass through the boss shield :feh_facepalm:, after that just nuke the boss till it activates its last shield then turn on two bombs that were planted before, no more mob spawn bs :fgo_alterawiggle:


Damn, this line just make me laugh :rofl: and feel also, the silence from Rainbow team was perfect in this, equal? BS! People can still find other reason despite how stupid it is to hate on each other even without Oripathy :ak_kaltsitsip:


OD-8 taking 1st place for the most annoying and difficult thing in Arknights so far if you miss the bomb crate timing your entire run is wasted


Use SilverAsh and Exu to make chunking the boss HP faster
Put Exu on one tile on the center down right tile near the center home point and put SilverAsh on three tiles left to the boss

Exu will chunk the first phase of the boss easily with her S3 and once the boss goes on 2nd form use Schwing Schwing to chunk it midway through this put the bomb crates near the boss and once the boss goes to final form make sure the bombs’ durability is above 50% and when the boss unleashes the shockwave after its final invul is gone detonate the crates and the rest of them should be cakewalk

Surprisingly you need a lot of snipers for this one to make things easier

Phantom cheeses the first phase so well you can just put him and his shadow using S2 to the left and right side of the boss with his S2 (they also clear the slugs so fast)

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I really liked the story and the characters, even if i would have preferred if we could have recruited the other 2 Girls (see prologue) of Rainbow Team instead of Frost and Blitz :sweat_smile:

Gameplay-wise… Ash is very entertaining. The stages are, in my opinion, a bit disappointing.

I enjoyed the Sandstorm mechanic and the special mercenary units who mercilessly killed any operator that was deployed in any place of the maps that was not protected from sandstorms.

Enemy design is, in my opinion, poor. Nothing really new and enemyes are, in short, ugly things with a few glowing crystals.

I did not really liked the mechanics of enemy killed = it spams some critters for the simple fact that if your Rooster is already strong, you can easily deal with it.

A E2 Exu will have no problems killing each monster + it’s 2x critters spawned after its death.

Last Mission was frustrating, but i liked the music :sweat_smile:

All in all, i give this Event 8 / 10. Story was great, i did really enjoyed it and i’ve never played Raimbow Six before. It’s not my kind of game.

The 2 points i subtracted from 10 ?

The First is because as i stated before i did not like the enemyes and the non-challenging mechanic of the spawn critters on death.

The Second is because i wanted to recruit the two beauties from the prologue :neutral_face:


A normal pharmaceutical company alright :fgo_gudako:


New MV - Lean On


I gotta say, EX4 was an interesting map, took me a few tries to figure it out of normal clear, it’s easy in CM knowing how to abuse the bomb and enemies pattern, the CM condition could make the map funnier to play if it’s also limiting the number of bombs can be used, wish HG can make more map like this and R8-8 :thinking:


Finish all but EX8 CM cuz ran out of sanity :fgo_robinstare:

Just checked the CM through practice drill and found out that the banned tiles don’t affect my initial strat much :feh_lucyshrug:, will try more tomorrow :yawning_face:

Edit: pass it anyhow :fgo_drunkgil:


This map takes soooooo loooooong even with bombs, especially since CM only has 3, I think. But I’m finally done with pest control.

I just love how you can abuse that patch of grass to deploy stealth bombs that aren’t affected by the moody maggot :fgo_gudako:

But after this map, I feel more generous towards OD-8, esp since auto-deploy finally stopped making my life difficult after the gazillionth readjustment. At least it doesn’t take you half an hour to get rid of all those slugbugs.


OD EX 8, it’s not that ha… no, it’s very easy when you already know how it’s done.

Just put those ops, almost full auto
No need to touch the boss
No need maxed lvl ops.
Silence debuff is not needed.
Bomb is not needed.
Reroute the Bunshin Boys by using Weedy’s summon.
Wanna kill them on spot? Just take Schwarz S3.
Ifrit will do too, but prepare some Helidrop to prevent any leak from them, not that thousand of slugs,
they shall not pass!

Healing combo is enough, E2L50 with M3 of course,
Not for Ptilopsis, she doesn’t need mastery, she doesn’t need to use her skill,
she just need to stand and heal them menacingly.
They’re the mvp after the frontliner,
Siege or Saga… and Blaze, no Blaze? It’s okay, any 3 block guard will do, even Hoshi is enough.
Wait… how about no block 3 ops?
Siege and Saga will do :feh_reinyes:

I expect more from this EX event, what I got only dissatisfaction, been using practice multiple times to have fun with it.
The only thing I miss would be OD EX 4, the Bomberman stage, nostalgic and enjoyable :feh_navarreculture:

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I agree, using bombs to free space for deploying operators was interesting.

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