[Event Discussion] Mansfield Break

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Event Period: June 22nd, 2021, 10:00(UTC-7) - July 13th, 2021, 03:59(UTC-7)

Mansfield prison is a prison funded by several mobile cities in that area

This prison is only a near-abandoned industrial platform.

And Randall, the current warden, suggested the municipal governments to build this prison

and solved the issue of what to do with this industrial platform and the containment of inmates.

In Columbia, the most profitable business are businesses that cling to power.

If you want to do the right thing, you must first know what is right.

Next, you must know that just because you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean it will be without sacrifices.

If I say so

Will you hand him over?

Unlock Condition: Clear 1-10

Event Stages Duration

  • Escape Plan: June 22nd, 2021, 10:00(UTC-7) - July 6th, 2021, 03:59(UTC-7)
  • Mansfield Daily Life: June 29th, 2021, 10:00(UTC-7) - July 6th, 2021, 03:59(UTC-7)
Event Currency
  • Event Currency only drops from Normal Event Stages.
  • Total needed to clear shop: 6004
  • Total from Event Missions: 1200
  • Total from First Clear rewards: 900 (440 from normal Stages 460 from EX stages)
  • Remaining currency needed from normal Event stages: 3904
  • Currency drops at a rate of 1:1 for sanity spent, so 3904 Sanity is needed on normal event Stages
  • Sanity required for First clear of EX and Challenge mode: 230
  • Total Sanity required to clear the Store: 4134
  • One week of Annihilation will require around 125 Sanity.
  • Total Sanity required is 4259
  • The event runs for 2 weeks, so natural Sanity regen supplies 3360. The weekly mission Top pots give an extra 200 per week, for a total of 400, or 600 if you saved from the week before. Total possible of f2p regen is about 3760
  • Natural sanity is about 499 sanity short of shop clear.
  • F2P players should save pots from previous week and spend sanity efficiently.
  • The monthly pack provides an additional 840 sanity over 2 weeks, for a total of 4600, so monthly pass players will have enough to clear the shop if they spend efficiently.

T3 Farmable mat

Banner: Jail Tiger Unchained

New operator discussion

New Skin and Rerun Skin


New Furniture


New Medal Set


New Function: Operator Records and Paradox Simulation

New Operator Network

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Official announcement

P/s: this thread was inspired by pepsi, discuss whatever you want here, whether it’s story or stage :fgo_gudako:


Aketon here I come :fgo_parvatidance:

I need like 200 of the damn things.

Though I also need a good amount of Sugar Whatevers and Orion Clusters

Nope, I’m farming Aketon. Burning through some :fgo_rainbowapple: refills probably even to help it out.
Even if Orion Clusters are the more expensive mat normally…:thinking: maybe I’ll burn refills to farm both?


So it’s about Mountain and he’s a prisoner?
And somehow Saria and Silence are involved?

This is going to be great!

Mountain seems kind of meh. But I’ll still roll and try to get him, and maybe Kafka too. My Eunectetes rolls were pretty bad, but that’s standard banners for the most part.



Also worth to note that starting from this event onwards a lot of enemies has Second form or some type of it after they die and the bosses gets significantly harder that the Surtr and Eyja cheese probably won’t work like usual

and the Brawler Guard archetype will get significant buff to their stats

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I don’t know if the network update will actually be happening for en server as they never mentioned that only the jp and Korean servers/accounts. Plus this would be the first time they bring an ui update ahead of the event it was released on in CN.

The updated network released with cc4 I believe in the middle of January.

On a side note I’m excited for the paradox simulator and operator records (I been raising the units needed in advance) also I want that Elysium skin so bad and unless I lose a lot of resources with bad luck rolls I’ll probably grab saria and weedy outfits.

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It’s our first look into Columbian issues as it’s a Columbian prison with ties to rhines lab. From the looks of things I believe it’s a false imprisonment related to a rhines lab incident and probably going to be a few references to the for profit prison system and/or a broken justice system both things that america(columbia) suffers has issues with. Plus arknights has never avoided making many real world references and issues plaguing global politics or specific country politics.

Either way saria with experience with rhines lab and commitment to taking down the corruption within plus silence being the head of the Medic depart of rhines lab and her deep relationship to saria and ifrit (an experiment of rhines lab) this all makes perfect sense for their focus.

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You know that JP/KR/EN share the same schedule right? So when those two have something, EN would also have it as well :fgo_gudako:

And for why do Yostard bring op network update early, my guess is they are planning to shift CC4 after Who Is Real which will be the Half Year anniversary event for global at late July, hence the early update, they can’t squeeze CC4 in between Beyond Here and global Half Year anniversary just like CN which will make it two CC in a span of two months, the dead week that we have rn is the result of padding some time to align Who Is Real to late July and 2 weeks of Beyond Here event after Mansfield Break :fgo_drunkgil:


EN JP and KR all basically share the same schedules though so if something happens in KR they will happen in JP and EN and vice versa

Whaaaaa??? I stopped reading Arknights after like chapter 2 because the writing style is so boring (imo) and it also reminded me a lot about the “MLK good, Malcolm X bad” rhetoric (“both Rhodes Island and the Chernobog citizens have infected people in them, but since we’re pacifist and they’re militant about progressivism, that means they’re the bad guys”) that was used to vilify protesters. Is Arknights actually ideologically progressive/became ideologically progressive?

It’s always been. The story is literally an analogy for racism and homophobia aka the aids crisis all while being able to take it to another level even throw in immigration and refugee crisis.

You stopped just a fraction too soon. It opens with everything going to hell in a handbasket a full scale reunion invasion during a catastrophe and a rescue mission all inside a hostile country. But directly after we go to lungmen and see the issues and details of everything which shows we are far from passive. We just think endless killing will only bring us farther apart instead of fixing the issues at the core.

Plus slowly but surely we learn and meet more reunion leaders and it truly blurs the line of what is truly wrong. With multiple operators even outright saying it. Why are we fighting them. We want the same thing but have different methods. And Rhodes island as a medical company well their number one rule is to save as many lives as possible

As a side note we stood up against reunion more so because they were killing innocent non infected people who at best their worst crime would be passivity (although thats a complicated charge considering its dependant on the country they are from what power they have etc.) We even see a full on explanation from Rosa/Poca in children of ursus in the stories both flashback to the time she met the other infected students and her current life how little she knew about the struggle as a former rich elite herself and she even says to Zima in present time she’s done everything she can to atone. From joining the USS to working HR (cause as essentially a former princess her best skills were diplomacy and human relations) but feeling it wasn’t enough compared to what the others were doing so she transferred to the field. (With a sweet ass harpoon launching seige Canon lol) and when Zima thinks she’s just trying to ease her own guilt and its really just an act. She rolls up her sleeves shows her all the scars and tosses Zima a boxcutter and says to believe her that her guilt is real and these 26(!) scars can prove it.

Yea stuff gets super dark and serious topics reunion is far from the true villain of the story and is never treated like one by Rhodes island you know except when they were trying to murder them and a bunch of innocent people during a catastrophe but even then their main focus was to gtfo lol

Sorry this got super long lol I’m a big arknight nerd and addicted to the wide lore and story and actually find the writing incredible. (Occasionally confusing and definitely not as great at the start but had lots of growth as it went on in writing style) anyways if you wish to talk more about the 0lot elements or even debate and fan theory for all the little breadcrumbs throughout the game private message me that offer is open for everyone.


Then wouldn’t it make sense to update the ui closer to the initial order date like with beyond here or even release it with the half year anniversary because if it was originally released with cc4 and the half year is being swapped with cc4 then the closest to the original schedule should be with the half year.

It’s still weird that for such a synced system that 1 was out of touch with the others. And still never mentioned it. Also https://arknights.jp/news/192. According to the jp server official update patch notes they don’t mention the character network map update but do mention the pause and 4x speed and paradox records.

No matter what one of the arknights accounts glitched the question is which ones messed up lol. Which of course can’t be answered till it all drops on the 22nd. So just gotta wait.

oh honey you got a big storm coming when it comes to Chapter 3 onwards and especially during a lot of the events that has been popping up recently

I’ve caught up to END8-1 and I’ve got all the event medals so far (with the exception of the Pyrite trim, rip) so I mean. I vaguely know what happens but I just never got invested lol. I tried reading it sometimes while I’m skipping the text in case there are any cool CGs but the text is always either full of pretentious junk or says literally nothing. I’m just not a fan.

i mean to be fair even a lot of CN players are so done with their pretentious scripts writing lol

I guess I just don’t find it pretentious cause I think it isn’t pretending to be better or bigger then it is but it actually delivers. I’m always fascinated by authors who plan so many little details even years in advance that can all come together and mesh back perfectly. The lore and hints in character profiles details such a massive complex world stage with many issues effecting them and to eventually start even a side event years in advance is amazing. (Although the code of brawl event was a bit over the top but that technically also turned out to be the point still we got a lot clues and hints about things in that event from the big 4 , penguins “immortality” , a glimpse into Siracusin life and mafia operations plus the lappland cliffhanger, not to mention the ever widening mystery of laterno and fallen angels etc.)

KR patch note :fgo_shutensip:
New system ‘Operator Record’ and ‘Paradox Simulation’ updated

※ 1st additional operator for this function: 12F, Kroos, Rope, Shirayuki, Broca, Provence, Firewatch, Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Phantom

  • ‘Relationship’ system renewal

  • Added fast forward function that can be used while watching the story

  • Adds a pause function to the enemy information display window that appears in the upper right corner after entering the stage

  • Other functions, text optimization and correction


Maybe now I will we able to read the story.

Or maybe not.

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The network update looks clean tbh


Finish week 1, now farming Aketon while waiting for week 2 :fgo_drunkgil: