Event shop or nobu?


Hey guys, so I’m in the middle of a (what I consider) a hard decision. so thanks to this event I was finally able to max out my EMIYA… that includes 80/80 and his Rank Ups and Interludes and my god do I love him. here is the thing I’ve been incredibly lucky and got 3 Guda-O drops from farming (I have 5 in total) so I don’t think I need to purchase the ones in the shop. I also don’t think I need to max Nobu just because she seems to fit the same role as my EMIYA (np3 btw) and I’m trying to have a ST and a AoE servant in each class

I was then thinking of just trying to buy out the store, or at least the things I’m going to need for the rest of my invested servants (Rama, DaVinci, Nero, Hans, etc) just because I apparently dont have luck with ascension mats dropping. what do you guys think? (also as a side question, how effective is a grailed Emiya?)


You might want to pick up Nobu’s ascension materials nonetheless, as this is your last chance to do so (and I’d personally find it annoying if I had a servant I could never fully ascend). Besides, her ascension materials aren’t all that expensive. An apple’s worth (or 1.5 apples worth) of the best nodes will get you the item, even if you have to live off of an MLBd support CE.


You should grab Nobu regardless. There will be times when she’s more useful than Emiya (events where her trait modifiers are relevant, for example) or you’ll want another AOE archer.

Plus, she gets an attack bonus in the next event, so she’ll hit super extra hard.


I agree with the two people above me. Even if you have other AoE archers, it’s never a bad idea to have a pool of servants to choose from.
To answer your side question, I grailed my Emiya on my other account because I love him too. I also have an ungrailed Emiya on my main (I ran out of QP to grail him). To me, there’s a pretty good jump in performance between ungrailed and grailed Emiya, but nothing too groundbreaking. I’d say grail him if you love him, use him frequently, and won’t regret it, because grailing is pretty expensive QP and ember-wise.


how many times did you grail him?


I grailed him to 90. Grailing him (or anyone) to 100 requires a lot more QP and I currently have 0 QP on both accounts :confused:


Nobu against divine guys (one of the most common passives) and/or with riding (lots of Sabers and Riders) hits much harder than Emiya…you will enjoy melting Raikou in the Onigashima rerun. Also, some bosses of CCC (who are very hard) have divinity, one is Saber, other 2 or 3 Alterego (knight classes take less dmg from them, while hitting neutral).

Next event is GudaGuda 2, she get’s dmg bonus.

On the other hand, she’s very weak against enemies with neither of those traits; NP5 with no niches hit weaker than NP1 EMIYA. Yes, this bad. Also, her stargen and NP gain are horrible (unless she crits with arts cards, preferably under Strategy effects, it takes an eternity to not-Waver+CE her NP fully).

Even if you absolutely does not want to ascend her, do buy the 4 skulls, it’s the last opportunity, and you don’t want to have a servant forever stuck in lv 40, trust me on this…specially one who has buster crit potential.


plus, she is Nobbu.


Nobu by just being Nobu deserve to be max and use.


You can get mats in any event shop, but you won’t have any more chances to get Nobu, ever. You might regret not getting her…

I still regret that I didn’t get Shiki when I had the chance. I just started playing and wasn’t really aware how rare the opportunity is. :S