Event/Welfare servant ideas?

Berseker parvati
Alter ego Xuanzang (?)
Saber kagetora
Archer Enkidu
Rider Orion
Assasin Eres

Lancer Sun Wukong

Yasuke as a guda guda welfare saber. Because if he was close to Nobu I know he or she cause fate is gonna be a fun character. Also imma black dude that want to see more black dudes in the game. Is that bad??? :sweat_smile:

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If you care more for there skin color then there character, then yes


Nah that’s why I said I know he would be a fun character because how close he would be to Nobu so I know he would at least be funny p.s their

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sorry some times my english isn’t the best

hey I can’t speak Spanish properly

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Avenger Boudica is a given. Likely in the event we deal with Beast VI/R Nero. Full offensive kit, 3T-Buster up with 3T Guts, Self Attack up with AOE anti Roman trait to the party. Self Ignore defense+AOE crit up. NP is buster AOE, instant refunds, like excalibur/Clarent.

Welfare Eresh. She’s extremely popular, like Jalter, Ishtar and Scath, who got welfares summer of their own. Caster or Assassin. Make her mostly a support (we need moar support assassins to avoid our support Caster being killed in stary rider crits). Preferably arts, as we already have buster and quick assassin freebies.

Welfare Archer Ciel for Tsukihime (Arc is 5* Ruler/Mooncancer/Berserker buster AOE), maybe Archer Sion if the collab is extended to Melty Blood. R assassin Shiki with kit similar to Ryougi Shiki, but instead of 30% charge he can change classes to berserker, name it Nananya Impulse or simething like that. Being able to go back, CD of 4 at max. SR Satsuki Berserker. Make Depletion Garden a AOE gauge drain+skil seal SKILL, non-dmging NPs on a Zerck sort of suuuuck. And Vampirism C, Monstruous Strenght C- to B.

Drake as Christmass welfare because she likes to give present, via bargains.

Medea as Christmass welfare. OG one, because it would be fun to see she ashamed of having to deal with the sillyness of the event. Rider, using summoned dragon from Argo Coin as her mount.

Avenger is like, the only class without welfares, right? Dont think they would waste a long fan demand on Boudica, maybe Saber Wars III with MHXXA in this class as having a damn welfare /lol. Or Spartacus. Wait, Durga/Kali can work as either this or Berserker Dark Sakurafaces.

Celtic event with Toukoface Aife Rider, Aokoface Uatach Caster, and something-Emer. Give Cu his entire harem. TROLOLOL.

Valentine Archer Sita, plz…she can even be a bronze 1*, I don’t care…

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Take a look to our servant design thread

What do you think?
You have to enter to the thread to see the Avenger Boudica

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Very nice.
Still think the loljoke skill of healing should be replaced by something like Gray 1st skill, aside from that, excellent.

I’d like a Sword Dancers with Archerko as the welfare

The only classes we are missing right now without a welfare on JP
alter Ego - AoE and almost all alter egos are limited…Though we do get 2 ST welfare Alter egos
Foreigner - Any ST or Aoe and all foreigners are limited
Avenger - Any (though Salieri is a 3* in the story pool and Lobo and Angra is available anytime)
Ruler - ST /support

I’d like the next welfares to be one of these classes . Just so everyone has something in every class. Especially those classes where there’s no low rarity option readily available and they appear once every 2 years or so. I’d like Boudica avenger, maybe Suzuka Gozen is a shot considering she was killed by her lover according to lore.

We need Tsukihime x FGO event

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Male summer welfare servants.

That’s it. That’s my suggestion.


Pretty much this for me, in this order also.
Also i like to add

Lancer bedivere: All saber face has a summer version so it’s bedi’s turn. But instead of busted chest, he’ll be a gurren laggan reference with argetlam being a giant drill.

I also like to suggest muramasa but i doubt he’ll be less than a limited SR.


That would be great, the original male Saber face need that

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Chloe exists.
Just pretend she is taller and does not have a tan. and Illya seiyuu.


Yes pls…

:fgo_buster: :fgo_jaltersmug: :fgo_musashismug:
Hans in trunks is something that needs to happen!!

Arceuid. Berserker. Bond 10 being: atk + depending on how many buffs the enemy has

4★ Ruler: George Washington
Because we don’t have enough American Servants, and this guy is the most famous of its founders. Also, he’s one of my favorite historical figures, but that’s neither here nor there.

4★ Archer: Heracles
We’ve been told numerous times that Herc can be almost every class and that Berserker is his worst, but Type-Moon has only delivered on that in Fate/strange fake. So perhaps they could do a crossover event with strange fake that has him as the welfare servant. Also, it’d be nice to see him without Madness Enhancement for once.