Event/Welfare servant ideas?

We’ve seen a ton of events in the game (especially with the JP version) and some more are definitely on the way. Just wondering if there were any themes or anything you guys would want to see, along with the welfare servant that would come with it.

Personally, I’d like to see an event going back to the Babylonian Empire, probably going into one of the lesser events at the time. As a welfare, I think Nebuchadnezzar could work as a Ruler servant, if he fit the proper guidelines.

What do you guys think?

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I would like a collab with extella links that have Saber Venus as a welfare, and that she is one of our broken welfares like Shiki or Ridertoki.
Maybe Charlamagne as the gacha SSR

  • Assassin Brutus: 4* ST Quick assassin, based on Brutus’ assassination of Caesar (or rather, the latter’s famous last words). Offensive kit, with stargen, a mana burst, a skill that gives bonus damage/defence against Romans, and an NP that deals extra damage to Kings.
  • Berserker Boudica: 4* AOE Arts zerker, based on her famous rampage and razing of three Roman cities. Full offensive kit, with an Arts mana burst, a DEF down skill, and a battery. Her NP would only deal a single hit (no refund shenanigans), but it would deal extra damage to Roman servants.
  • Saber Drake: 4*AOE Buster Saber. A lily version of Drake fighting with a pistol and cutlas, starting out as a prim and proper British Naval Officer and getting more unruly with each ascension. She would get her normal version’s first two skills, but her Pioneer of the Stars would be replaced with a stargen+crit up skill, and her NP would also give her a crit up.
  • Caster Ereshkigal: 4* Arts Caster. She could even be a summer servant, to mirror Ishtar. Support, with a targetable 3 turn rainbow mana burst, a 30% battery for herself combined with a party DEF buff, and a party-heal with a chance of debuff-immunity, death-immunity, and guts, each proccing separately. Her NP would give 10% battery, 3 turn HP regen, and one hit invulnerability.
  • Avenger Spartacus: 4* Quick Avenger. First skill would be a self-heal with debuff removal, second would be a star-pull for his quick cards and increased crit damage for them, but with a reduced stargen demerit, and the third skill would be a star-bomb with a 3 turn Quick mana burst. His NP wouldn’t deal damage, but instead give the whole party a special attack boost against Kings and a special defense boost against Romans, while giving himself extra crit damage based on overcharge.

That’s off the top of my head.


A Tsukihime collaboration event is my top choice, with Ciel as the welfare (5 Star Moon Cancer Arcueid and 3 Star Assassin Tohno Shiki for the gacha, at least).

I’d also love a Sherlock- themed event to bring in Sebastian Moran, possibly as the welfare.

Incidentally, I’ve already designed both of them…


Saber Hideyoshi as Gudaguda welfare pls


Saber Sasaki Koujiro

Berserker Nero Claudius

Avenger Boudica

Archer Gorgon

oh and Caster Nightingale, to name a few

avenger boducia and spartacus makes so much sense its unreal how they still doesnt exist.
Personally would love lancer altera or a wellfare thats based around debuffing enemy+ making rng abilities guarantee(like combination of ozymandias and mata hari).


Extella Link Event

  • 4☆ Saber - Saber Venus Welfare (Haven’t had a welfare Nero yet)
  • 5☆ Saber - Charlemagne
  • 5☆ Ruler - Charles the Great
  • 4☆ Caster - Archimedes

Main event I still want. Also could be a good time to update some animations for characters that still look meh like Gawain.


This reminded me that I really want Archimedes.

But I want him to be a 5* Caster with a respectably high ATK rating to compensate for his class getting shafted, and a big, beautiful AoE Buster NP in the style of his Extella version.

Also surprised we haven’t gotten at least Charlemagne in FGO considering that he’s practically the face of Extella and adorable besides.


Maybe a Rider Altera too? Because you know? The mongols and their plains no?

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True. It has been awhile since we’ve had a solid Buster SSR Caster. Since Nero I think?

I wasn’t bothered by Charlemagne not being included in the game until we got SSR Astolfo. He could’ve been the 5 Star Saber slot instead, so hopefully we’ll get him sometime before every Paladin is in except their King.


I mainly want lancer one because they can use altera larva for it and she would complete the saber archer lancer trio. Thinking about it altera could be rider or berserker too probably.


A raid event that takes place in Three Kingdom era, involving Chinese servants. The welfare could be Cao Cao or Diao chan.

“10 Plagues of Egypt”, Egyptian event where they introduce 5* Moses and welfare Nefertari.


Setting definitely, I’ve been hoping for a Three Kingdoms event or story for a while. Raid system isn’t my favorite, but it probably makes sense for the setting, so fair enough. I figure Cao Cao would be a 5 star, but expectations don’t always match up (Herc, Medea, Cu Chulainn), so I guess that’s possible.

Ozymandias: i love that idea


Caster Detective Edmond

Alternatively, Watson for welfare servant. Sherlock would love to meet Watson here

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We need Santa Island Mask as a 4* welfare


The issue with Charlemagne is that, according to Extella, he is not an actual heroic spirit and was never recorded in the Throne, making summoning him outside of the unique circumstances within the Moon Cell impossible.

But after BB, the Alter Egos, and even freakin’ Kiara showing up as summonable servants, I guess anything goes.


Berseker parvati
Alter ego Xuanzang (?)
Saber kagetora
Archer Enkidu
Rider Orion
Assasin Eres