Events re-reun, a possibility or a dream?

I started this game 7 months ago & I have been looking forward to having events’ servants (namely Artoria Pendragon Santa Alter Rider & Elizabeth Báthory Halloween Caster), but then got the shocking news that no 3rd time for past events,no re-rerun!
But then I heard it’s just a conclusion from previous events, & there is a possibility it happens!
So I’d like to hear your opinions & thoughts about it.

Nope. No Re Rerun.
But in Jp, they are adding (i belive there are only one right now), a way to get old welfare servant.i think you need RP, but, yeah


While not the rerun itself, now a way to get welfare servants exists in Main Interlude, which was introduced in like, January? With Santa Altera coming back as the first welfare. We do need to use Rare Prisms to unlock more copies though, but i imagine it wouldn’t be a problem since we will basically be getting them for free (in a way)

There hasn’t been anymore since then, but i expect dw won’t give us Santera only

Thank goodness you’re wrong here. NO. NO MORE JOURNEY TO THE WEST GRINDFEST. Two times were more than enough.


Seiba lily and Santera so far is the only welfare to get a 3rd chance, with lily in the FP summons and Santera in the rare prism shop. Lily is the only welfare that didn’t require means for specialty ascension material, which is part of what you get in the shop with Santera. We’re hoping that Santera’s existence will open up to the rest, but we can only wait and see.


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More details, please.

Oh my bad, edited the post, & yeah I know what you mean :scream:

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On the fear of giving wrong information, I’ll lead you to a wiki page of the Main Interlude


Those who played this in JP can enlighten us a bit more…So I only get access though rare prisms? & Is it possible to obtain 5 copys?

Getting the first copy of the servant and the materials to Max Level them comes from the Main Interlude event, to get more NP levels you would need Rare Prism. And even that wouldn’t be a problem if you diligently do New events from last year’s Santera onwards.

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You mean reruns right? like to burn 6th copy onward for rare prisms?

Correction: starting with Santera, 6th+ copies of welfares will result in a rare prism in your present box, not from burning. It’s the same mechanism as USO’s. Aka, no point in saving any earlier welfares for burning later because it won’t make them produce rare prisms.


In Short, getting Santera (that i already have) NP5 this year will give me the RP to finally getting Santa Alter NP5 for free whenever DW will add her

1st, What’s USO’s :sweat_smile:? Really I don’t know.
2nd, I understand I don’t need burning, but you stressed on only events from Santera forward,I don’t get that…so not every welfare’s 6th copy would be replaced by RPs?

1st, USO, or Unregistered Spirit Origin, is what you get if you rolled a 6th copy of an SSR servant. I think you still keep the copy of the servant though, not a whale so I don’t really know. Stacks (i forgot how many) of USOs can be traded for an SSR servant.

2nd, Yes, not all 6th+ copies of welfare would be replaced by RPs, only welfares whose first event (not rerun) is after Santera (and she herself included).

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Oh I know those, just completely forgot about them (never having the chance to get them :money_mouth_face:)
So none before Attila the San(ta), correct? (Sorry I mistook her for Artoria Santa Alter :sweat_smile:)

You mean as in getting Main Interlude or getting rare prisms?

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I think I mean RPs :rofl: but what about interlude?

No you don’t get RPs from burning welfares from events before Santera’s

For Main Interlude we have only gotten one for Santera so far, but I’d like to hope there’ll be more to come, coz i also want my own copy of Oda Nobunaga :fgo_astolfo:

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