Ever had a Servant that just doesn't wanna come to you?

Have you ever had a Servant that, no matter what, just doesn’t wanna grace your Chaldea?

And it goes both ways ; it could be a permanent pool Servant, or a Limited one that you tried to summon on different banners, but they still didn’t want to show up.

I wanna start by saying that I summon a lot ; almost whale level.

I’ve been spooked by pretty much all 4-star Servants that are in the permanent pool, barring 3 of them.

These 3 are Prince of Lan Ling, Circe and the other one is the subject of my topic : Helena.

I got my hands on NP5 Nito, NP3 Nursery Rhyme, NP5 Caster Gilgamesh heck, I even got NP2 Anastasia as spooks, but I cannot for the life of me be spooked by Helena.

Now, I know what you’re gonna say ; ‘’‘she’s not on focus, so getting her specifically is out of the question.’’ And I get that. I still find it strange that I can get spooked by this many Casters, and Helena has yet to come. It’s a damn shame ; I really like her, and I’d be pretty damn happy to get her ; almost more than if I got a 5-star. (ok, not really but, you get my point)

And my next point about a Limited Servant ; truth be told, I obtained MHX close to when I started, but I remember going 3 times into her banners with 400+ Quartz on each of them, and I didn’t manage to get that sacred NP2 on her once. Considering she’s my most invested Assassin, that’s a massive bummer. :fgo_brynsad:

How about you guys? Do you have some similar stories to share? I’d love to see it. :feh_birbpeek:


Yeah, Merlin. Never thrown so much SQ at anyone and gotten nothing in return. 3 goddamn banners, waaay over 1000 SQ.

Fuck him.


Both lancer Artorias fucking hates me. Her ruler version on the other hand thinks I’m swell.


OG Melt.

1000 SQ down the drain and the only SSR to show for it on the OG CCC banner was OG Jeanne, 3rd copy. Lamda was nowhere near as hard to get either.

Though it’s hilarious since now I have a NP5 Sitonai so I guess it worked out…


I said this like 10 times already but here’s the result of 3 years of rolling every banner she had (even split ones).


Six failed attempts later she took pity on me by coming on my 1st multi… Of the attempt I had decided would be my last.


Saber alter, been playing this game for like 4+ years, and I’ve never seen hide nor hair of her


Ouch, that really sucks.

While not as bad as you ,my biggest failure was trying to get Summer Jeanne during her debut. While I did manage to get her after a ridiculous 930 SQ (all completely F2P too) with no other SSR in between ; it was painful.

My biggest fail with no SSR including the focus one was definitely the previous Babylonia banner with Ishtar and Enkidu ; 600 SQ down the drain with no Ishtar to show. :fgo_ishtarshook:

Hey, my friends are multiplying into different people, it seems. :fgo_meltpensive:

1 other friend as well adores Melt and went hard for Lambda ; however, it did not turn out as well ; 300 SQ for 1 Gold Lancer ; Parvati.

I remember he was so angry that he burned her out of spite. :sweat_smile:

1 multi later, he got Lambda.

Afterwards, he just said he regretted burning Parvati.

Dude also got rid of his famous F2P status to go into the GSSR to try for OG Melt.

Imagine his face when he saw an Alter Ego card pop up and it was Kiara behind it.


Now there’s the SR I would have liked to see on my GSSR instead of freaking Gawain.

Incidentally Gawain showed up NINE times on OG CCC banner.


Oh, you just made me remember all the SQ I spent trying to get Saber Medb

At least I got one shot left in the future

2 if I’m feeling especially dumb

And I can be pretty dumb…


Had been thinking about this myself recently, and both of these two were painful enough for one copy to result in two MLB copies of their event CEs. Tamamo is only present in the first image as someone to hold the second Smiling Face, but Astraea is there because I got 6 of her before my sole Reines. I believe Melt might have actually been similar in her initial rateup for me, but has since been relatively kind and is now NP3 so this sort of screencap won’t work for her, not to mention that I at some point used the extra Sea of Stars copies as CE xp.

I can truly only hope that Sei follows Lambda in being a servant that shows up painlessly, instead of copying all my other most wanted servants in causing me great pain.


I’m not a saver so my sq totals per target usually aren’t that impressive, but all 4 of the current big 4 supports all played hard to get. For a while I threw everything at every tama, waver and merlin banner that came around. Caster and calvary gssr too. Heck even the long ago caster gssr where only tama, waver and sanzang were options… I got sanzang.

Finally when I gave up on tama after missing on the ccc pre campaign, I yolo’ed away everything I had not realizing she came right back on the onigashima banner… With the 18 sq I has, she finally came with the last 3.

Waver I continued to chase for the next year, cbc, caster class (where tama took pity again), then after utterly failing on skadi despite being my single largest sq expenditure on one banner, I managed to save everything despite tempting summer banners (okay minus a couple tickets and a suuuuper lucky bb summer) and finally caught him on the case files rerun banner, with enough sq left over to get squirtoria and the last 2 copies of KoM I needed to mlb on the last day of the dl campaign banner!

Merlin and skadi I’ve rolled every banner and gssr for them. Merlin didn’t relent until this new year’s. Finally have 3 of the current 4. Hopefully castoria won’t follow in the footsteps of her senpai


I was also pretty excited about Reines release and i went in with low expectations.

Thankfully got her in 300 SQ. :fgo_reinesoh:

In between, I didn’t get a single Astraea, which I was hoping to get, because Luvia, 'nuff said. :fgo_ohoho:

I’ve been pretty lucky on these, personally. Barring Skadi who took me 450 SQ, all other 3 came pretty easily on my account. Tamamo took, I wanna say, 240 SQ. Waver came on a ticket. :feh_legion_miso: and Merlin took me 150 SQ (with no other focus shown in between, no Siegfried nor Fuma even ; I understand why people are struggling to get Mandricardo these days.)

At least I’m glad you got 75% of them through sheer dedication and luck, and I’m hoping Skadi comes to you at some point. image

  • Arthur
  • Okita
  • Tamamo
  • Literally any gold Avenger

Special mention to Yan Qing, who played hard to get for a year. Was fortunately able to get him NP5 in the course of six~seven months after dragging him home with the last SR ticket :fgo_lipburrito:


Skadi was the only one to evade me for a while. Got her this previous DL campaign and I had her mats for fking ever.

Please don’t hate me Castoria!



Void Shiki



One day kitty cat Caster will come home. Somewhere. Anywhere


Gawain. I tend to throw a little something at most Round banners, but he still hasn’t showed. I really regret my last SR ticket; it was when Skadi was new and shiny and I really thought I’d use Lancelot despite having just pulled Dantes, because Dantes was only NP1 and I thought I’d have more trouble with some nodes, so I went for a second copy of Lancelot for stability purposes. Never used him since then, and really wish I’d used the ticket on Gawain instead.

Other than Gawain, though, a second copy of Helena. I pulled my first copy in my first month of play, three years ago in March, and still haven’t been spooked by a second (but I’ve been spooked by CasGil five times, for instance, and got him waaaay later).

It’s unfortunate because I’ve started using Helena more often again lately and even just gave her her first bond grail. There’s been a lot of instances recently where when I want someone with Helena’s use-case (lower party cost, damaging AOE NP, party-wide battery) and therefore only Helena will do. I really wish I could give her some NP levels to help with her damage numbers, and given how long it’s been since I first pulled her it’s a little ridiculous she hasn’t spooked me again.


have only played for about a year so far so I haven’t rolled on any repeat runs yet, but so far it’s Dantès who didn’t come after 1k SQ/80 something tickets, and since he doesn’t have a banner in the foreseeable future I’ll chase him on GSSRs :catroll:


:fgo_kadocsob: don’t remind me how I prefarmed all that steel from the brand new lb2 fqs before anniversary for skadi, only to miss her repeatedly and now have 300+ steel and no other servant who wants them


The coming one this summer is kinda messed up…