Ever looked at some old units you built

…and realize how badly dated their builds are now?

Not planning on ditching this OG Ephraim, but I feel that he may need an upgrade in the Dual Rally+ department.

His sister Eirika isn’t any better!

Edit: Only unit that I have with a non-atk dual rally+? Quan, who I do not plan to fodder off.


Yeah I do it more frequently than not.I’m currently in the middle of overhauling my barracks updating builds and merging units.I just merge my 6 f adrift corrin’s and foddered a hector and owain to her.

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Not bad, at least yours had your own thought from back then :ok_hand:t2: this was my first self-thought build:

Pretty budget but kind of :feh_maeconfused: bad, it just makes her speedy and her attack power leaves a bit to desire.
Before then I relied on GP Heroes guides, now I forget they exist :feh_legion:


This is how my Nowi looked before i foddered her…

My Lilina could be better as well. Death Blow and Swordbreaker on her are kinda eh nowadays.

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Does this count? @_@


Yeah, and I see that they have Fury 3 + Desperation and I get instantly disgusted at them having such an awful A skill and then I don’t look at them anymore.


For some ungodly reason, in the early game when you have access to tons of orbs, I ended up with 5 ylgrs. One was neutral and the rest were hp def and res boons, so I figured it would be best to merge them all into the neutral one. And her weapon worked with speed so I just threw speed related abilities on her. Btw if I ever get one with a good boon, can I feed this +4 to it an end up with a +5? Probably not.

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You can actually :feh_legion:


I wonder if the devil face means you are playing a prank on me.

Also do units with boons end up with more bst when fully merged? I’m wondering if this loli even needs a speed boon considering how fast she is already.

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:ferdyfrown: that’s Legion

If you merge an already merged unit into an unmerged one, all the merges pass through, nothing to worry about. It isn’t quite that simple regarding boons, else Grail units would have the short end of the stick. The extra stats spread out and become +5 to three stats and +4 to the other two, rather than +4 to all of them. I’d go with an Atk boon in your case, she’s speedy enough.


Thank you very much. I actually like her and I was afraid I ruined her.

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Whatever the heck was going through my mind when I made this thing.


Got some more.

Trigger warning: :feh_atkrefine:


i’ve tried to fix most of my unit builds but sharena was just kinda… well…

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N-no, all my builds are up to date <-< >->

Well, almost. These are some of my outdated ones, the others are in HM farm mode atm so no skills equipped.

This Lyn was really fun RIGHT after Skill Inheritance was released. Now… Just outdated and outclassed.

Don’t even ask what this Camilla was supposed to be. I probably never will finish her, or even work more on her though.

The OG Anti-Takumi, that turned Anti-B!Cordelia and Anti-B!Lyn. I figured quickly that it wasn’t worth to use on char slot to counter one specific unit, so he just stayed there… In Limbo. And Raventome PA!Inigo basically did his job anyways, just with the dance benefit.

Celica is more the case of Renewal no longer being necessary on forged Ragnarok. Still perfectly salvageable, and in the plans to update as well.

My OG Hector counter lmao. I hated Vantage Hector so much.

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