Ever put a build together that you're sure would have worked well a few big releases ago, but hits a big meh wall now?

As the title suggests.
The game is always changing, especially with a new, seemingly broken skill releasing with almost every single new banner. Hard to keep some units up, y’know? Well, I recently finished a Ryoma build that would have been great well into his prime, but given the current state of the game, it won’t really hold up, even with the rest of the team dedicated to supporting him. Anyone else done this, or am I just thinking too much (Or too little and it actually is viable)?

I also have Ryoma who still has the same fury vantage build that he had in year 1 of the game and he still works well :woman_shrugging:

Your build is not bad. The only bad thing is Aether that won’t sustain him without some form od CD acceleration. Either pick Sol for pure sustain or Luna/Bonfire for damage.

Bond builds. They were extremely good before, but then the moment Aversa was released (or was it Sudden Panic that came before?) and AR became a core game mode they kinda became garbage until they brought in Bonds 4 skills, and even then they’re questionable as far as usage.

As far as the build, it’s… Not really that great. Maybe with a resistance boon sure, and a different B skill. But I don’t think this build was ever that good. Vantage doesn’t really synergize well, with the build or with Ryoma’s stats.

Speed wave is questionable as well due to the inconsistency.

I personally would never have made this. Vantage looks weird, it would be better with Null Follow-up, I think, if you insist on investing that much in a +1 Ryoma.

Mystic Boost Felicia lol

I could’ve made infinite Miracle Byleth with that

I typically don’t use wave skills for that exact reason, but if there was to be any good from this, I needed something to boost speed, and I don’t really have anything better, outside of external support.

Yeah, vantage is more a remnant from how I had him built before, though I don’t have anyone to feed him null follow up. So my options aside are slim.

Would bonfire really be enough, considering only 37 defense? Or go aa far as Ignis?