Every single best buddy Pokemon possible! (Just kidding! ...well...kinda)

It took me a while but I’ve got it:

Literally it could be any best buddy Pokemon in the game (Except for legendaries and mythicals maybe?)

This Ditto has an interesting story. Back in September 22, 2018, after Chikorita’s community day every single spawn turned into…Meltan? Or so we thought, cause every single Meltan turned into (you guessed it), Ditto! I’ve got lucky and got a hundo in the process. So the question is: Does Ditto has a purpose? I’m not sure, cause Ditto is weird and kinda glitchy.

1.- Gyms: Using it on gyms it copies the lead’s stats (Except for it’s HP) but for some reason it has it’s own rubber-banding and sometimes when you throw a charged move, the game doesn’t register it and the foe recovers it’s HP. Not really great.

2.- For gym defense: I haven’t tried it out yet. But I feel it can force a switch, just one. But 125 HP isn’t something really threatening so I wouldn’t recommend it.

3.- Raids: Unless you’re facing a Dragon-type with super-effective attacks against itself I don’t see much of a use for Ditto. And again, 125 HP mades it really glassy.

4.- Rocket battles: Nope. It can only struggle it’s way out.

5.- PVP: Can’t be used on PVP cause it’s not programmed for that I guess. Mainly because it should copy opponent’s CP on Ditto’s actual level. Being having 3400 CP from a Swampert on great league would be totally unbalanced LMAO

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this little guy.


Oh my Satan what am I looking at

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Yeah. I’m currently best buddying weird stuff like Ditto, Pikachu, Wobbufet but I’m having a blast lol

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Monumental task pal!
had the same idea since I got the perfect one during kanto tour, just for trolling people in gyms. But XL candy is very hard to get, at least for me (only 26 at the moment). A level 51 ditto is very impressive, congrats!