Every striker is will soon be viable in single player! What comps are we trying first?


This completely changes the single player meta. While before you could pretty much only use strikers who had impervious or could boost their own crit to be able to retain max crit after the opposing sync move when combined with Dusclops (on the hardest single player maps), you can now throw literally any striker on a team with Dusclops and an appropriate third mon and tear things up.

Also, double striker teams are now potentially a thing and Beedrill is going to become more than just a meme. With the new single player mode coming up, there’s a lot of stuff to try. What are your best comps coming into the new meta?

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Just pretty sure that the Will/Phoebe/Lyra comp is pretty much redundant now.

The message didnt 100% specify if this was single player only so hopefully it applies to coop as well. If it applies to both, I can see Megas finally becoming a bit better overall which is a good thing

It’s probably going to affect all sorts of battles so while you’re right, it seems that our units will still get focused after using their Sync Move anyway so they’re still in danger of dying right after Mega evolving, uff.

Yeah that’s definitely still a big issue but at least you’ll still be able to deal a some good damage before dying after you mega since all your buffs are intact.

I’ve been able to auto EX Rosa with npcs with a Cynthia and Blue team. However, it still requires some input. After this update though, Cynthia will be able to kill off the Roserades and Goomy allow Blue to come in to take care of Rosa. Neat stuff, I’m excited

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On to the subject of the topic, I see the enemy sync move nerf as a buff to ourselves in co-op and to sync orbs farming, maybe this is also related to the battle villa and their attempt to give us a balanced new game mode to (potentially) have fun with.

With this change I basically intend to do what I was already doing, tbh, which is play with the variety of sync pairs that I enjoy seeing in battle, tho there aren’t that many I have 13 teams I usually choose from.

The only difference will be that I’ll be able to farm more sync orbs on auto for my favorites, until I start going for all the useful units. To be fair, it will only be possible as long as the AI still goes through the dumb route of using all buffs, even the useless ones and in the worst possible order until the enemy fires off their sync move. If this stays the same then the only worry left is “will my striker hit them now or is it still waiting for something else?”

In the end I’ll probably just prepare for the sync grids everyone else is looking forward to: most of the 5★ strikers, some supports, a few techs that look promising… mostly what’s already good and a few of the “well, one can only hope” options.

I’ve never, or atleast deemed it negligible, thought of that being a big problem before as either I was overleveling to a point (like I always do with my Pokermanz) or just brute forcing my way through.
But, I do see how this will trivialize many battles, single-player or not. Like, srsly. Haha