Everyone GET HYPED! Early Coin System plans & discussion!

So we had blab about ‘woes is me & my mats, muh poor grails.’ BUT ENOUGH OF THIS, LET THERE ME LIGHT HYPE!

As Vegas launches at 9am when I’m at NDA-land, I figured I’d put muh Summer lineup in advance for my friends and there’s so much “ooh yeah, ML on them is nice for friends.”
My poor BBikini with lv9 battery and my spare non-MLB (until shop anyway) DSP: unlock mana loading and bring it up to lv2. Boom instant NP for friend! Jarcher? Immediately in the 50% club! Ushi? A Waver’s all you need! this line reminds me of imouto dake tresh animu

How many of your otherwise ‘not farm optimal kek’ Servants now get early love? How many STELLAS will rain? Which mad(wo)man is going to try hitting lv120 in Vegas before the 5 star ember nodes? How many newbies get the joy of a ‘50 battery’ Sieg? How many of you now have ‘superscope at home’ joys?


I’m “head empty no plans” because I didn’t think I’d need to plan so early :V I’ll probably focus on my favs and Servants with 30% battery and then I’ll go from there.

Edit: Oh shit what do I do about Karna and Arjuna with their STUPID 25%. Hrnn…


EASY. Get ML up to lv6 or whatever to round to 40% with less total cost to you.
Give 'em 60 gauge starters (like Partake with the King, Knights of Marine, Halloween Little Devil & the future 6th anni Summer Anni)


Mana Loading will help me on a daily basis because I run 6-slot bond gain CEs for FQ farming and story.

Unfortunately, this timing means I will not be able to get started on the path to 120 right away, because…


Oof, I’m sorry babe.

If it makes you feel any better my Kiarara lv120 plans are snubbed until lotto methinks because the half AP/5x success campaign is only 1 week, and Summer 5 launches 1 week after 5th anni.

ML on people is a huge QoL bump though, and I don’t think it costs QP to unlock.


My farming hardly changes because I’m scuffing my account on purpose and I’m not gonna rush a lot of mana loadings other than Arash and Chen Gong for Shishoufest, but I will say that I’m excited to eventually have access to instant-NP Mata Hari, Leonidas, and Boudica. I’m looking forward to their upcoming skill upgrades and they improve nicely with instant-NP’s.


I’m gonna instantly give the 2nd append to all my ssrs and whatever lower rarities can afford it of course since it doesn’t cost qp. I’m gonna leave most of them at level 1 unless they are a grail project or a special case like AA, Spishtar, Arash or Sparty though. Any level 10 appends will be a long ways away except for the main two if any though. My plans for 120 is to unlock the first grail on Carmilla asap, but then I’m gonna wait for lotto to start on her since there’s other servants I need to raise like Reines. Hopefully she’ll be done by sometime next year. No plans to do anything crazy besides that. Might 120 Muramasa or Jarcher (or some unexpected new release on JP I end up adoring) way down the road but the odds of that is admittedly low.


Oh that’s a good idea. Now that extra 5% jutting out won’t be an eyesore anymore! ( ’ v’)/


I will expedite some lv10 MLs, but not next week as I need QP for Castoria/S.Kiara and their lv10 MLs. Lolivinci is high on my lv10 ML list, this drop prompted me to buy the shop lore.


Meteor shower forecasted to continue indefinitely, but with more flexibility for power! Being able to swap mages mc for anniversary blonde, for example… :fgo_arashsmile:

If I were that mad… Too grail poor. Thought I had a year to save cups…

Mana loading for :fgo_mini_celsus:, both :fgo_davinci:, :fgo_oohlala:, :fgo_mordredsmile:, :fgo_umu:, :fgo_wavermanic:, :fgo_tamamo:, and many other are happening right away.

My grailed targets get as many append skills as possible, coin count pending. Those who I can only afford 1…might be a hard call which skill to choose as those with 50% batteries already might prefer the extra card muscle instead.

Asclepius, Ryouma and several others will need to be consoled in the lack of bond for append and no easy road to summoning coins


A few months ago I was all about, “Pfft, what do I need mana loading for when I have a Superscope?”. And then I switched to bond farming with facecards, so mana loading became the most desirable append once more :D

I think I’m going to wait with grailing people past 100 until the anni when we have increased chances of getting great success. It pains me that fav 5*s are only NP2, but hey, maybe one day… Maybe Arthur will grace me with his presence for the 3rd time next year :fgo_arthurnervous: Please, Your Majesty? :catcry:


Not a whole lot since you need a bond 12 Sieg for one skill. And that’s the only thing you can do


Lolivinci is one factor that has me debating how deep down the Castoria hole I want to go.

Realistically, NP5 Castoria is more than a little wasteful, but I won’t be happy with less than NP2. Just playing around with my JP Castoria has reminded me how easy it is to access her NP outside of a pure (non-Vinci) farming setup.


Taking servants beyond 100 is a much lower priority for me, so unlocking Append skills has a higher value here.

  • UshiAss and Jarcher are getting Mana Loading unlocked to become 50% chargers.
  • Next priority is the 30% chargers who will become 50% chargers. ROMA of course needs eggs (Castoria needs them) and tiaras(Europa took them). Still working on that list, but it’ll be expensive.
  • Unless I just have way too many coins, I’m not sure how often I’ll unlock the extra damage/credit resistance skill.
  • Some servants are also getting the Extra Damage unlocked because they have great Extra cards and actually use their face cards, but I don’t have that list nailed down yet.

Quick n easy second append for Astarte to prep for castoria.

Beyond that, all my efforts into Maou. She’s currently np6 b12, so i can’t get all of her appends until b13 anyways. Otherwise, going to begin the long and slow road to lv120. I’m in no rush though, not like i can finish her appends without demon flame lanterns anyways, and I sure as heck don’t have the embers reserved for her.


Just gonna get mana loading on all my grailed servants and farmers and call it a day


I am sitting on 11 grails but I will be skipping the pilgrimage that is level 100+, it’s too much of a distraction with so many servants I want to level. For appends my first target is Romulus-Quirinos, I have all the mats to finish his skills and 2 appends (I’ve chosen mana loading and extra attack finesse for him), only thing I am missing is QP and 2 lores, which I can conveniently get from Vegas event.

Other targets are Extra Attack Finesse for Super Orion, Maou Nobu and Space Ishtar. Mana loading for Maou Nobu and Odyssius. I think those are it for now.


I’m sitting on 40 grails but it’s not like I can take anyone to 120 anyways :ak_laughinglappy:

Meanwhile, I’d say to hold onto EXP for anniv, there’ll be a 5x bonus, right? And the Dailies will be half ap, and if they are gonna introduce 5* Embers early, we’ll be getting those at half cost too.

For appends, Raikou and Achilles I guess I can consider giving Mana Loading. Raikou with Kscope and Achilles with a Traces/Tenkihime can now just NP on demand.


I’m hyped but a bit uncertain on where I should start.
Guess the usual suspects will get a boost to starting gauge.

I think I’ll also give Kiara mana loading and then grail her a bit further.
Glad I still have got a lot of Embers in my present box.


I’ll wait on Castoria rolls before making final decisions. Don’t have anything usable as a true omni-farmer, but NP1 Spishtar will at least get ML unlocked if I get Castoria (2x Blessing of the Lake is 40% and will be used for refund anyway), I’ll possibly level Kama to 110+ during the anniversary, provided that the 5* exp node opens then and I have some luck with 5x successes and don’t run out of QP.