Everyones raid plans next week

Since deoxys is coming to raids, everyone seems to have mixed feelings on it.

PvP players love the thought of potentially getting better d-deoxys (at least if they haven’t already powered one up), attack forme’s just a glass cannon, its solo’able for easy TM and rarecandy grabs for people who just want bundles. A lot of other players however seem to just not like it since all of them are relatively useless sans the typical beat rewards out of easy bosses part for nondefense forme, i’m wondering where everyone on here stands.

Having done enough Deoxys EX raids throughout the year, my plan is to take a well-deserved break from raids this week. I have multiples of all 4 formes including my GL Defense Deoxys, so I’m feeling zero pressure to get out and raid it any further. I’ll likely use the free passes on other raids like Alolan Marowak or Shinx to try my luck for a shiny, but that’s about it. I’ll save my energy and premium passes for when Mewtwo drops next week.

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As an owner of several of each formes already, with a Great League built Defense one, I won’t be using a single premium pass on them. May still raid the odd one using my daily free pass, but just as likely to spend it on a lower level one.

Definitely saving myself for Mewtwo.

I started playing this game when attack forme was on ex raid so I still miss normal forme Deoxys for the Dex entry, after that I will probably only do the attack forme to spent the raid pass, unless they put an interesting mon in lower tiers…like like Gible!!!..but I doubt something like that happen.

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I’ve only gotten one form so far so pretty excited at least for the dex entries if anything. I just hope I can meet up with 2 or 3 others to do them

Need some more candies to max attack forme.

i don’t have any of the forms, and i don’t live in a city so i’ll likely try to shortman one of each for the dex entries. i know attack form is solo-able, and normal is duo-able, but how many trainers are needed for speed & defense (respectively, assuming good to ideal counters)?

i’ll be running (on main):

15/14/15 Gengar H/SB lvl 35
15/15/15 Weaville FA/FP lvl 35
15/14/13 Weaville FA/FP lvl 40 (lucky)
12/14/15 Weaville FA/FP lvl 35
15/15/13 Ttar B/C lvl 35
14/14/13 Ttar B/C lvl 35

sadly my alt doesn’t have good counters outside of a lvl 35 weaville & some high lvl/IV generalists like rayquaza

Realistic numbers, assuming people know what they’re doing, Speed you’re look at 3 people and Defense 4/5.

Speed can be duo’d, but it’s difficult. Defense is a theoretically possible trio, but requires foggy weather I believe.


dont max deo attack its a waste of stardust and deoxys candies you should be using for defence form or saving until deoxys gets better moves or dont listen to me and regret it when you have no stardust for a new legandary like say black or white keyrum zekrom or reshiram your choise though

1)Deoxys Attack forme is very underated. It’s defense stat is terrible, but with some dodging, its a very good glass cannon. Definitely not a waste.
2)Defense Deoxys is best used in Great League. Cresselia is the best Psychic Type for Ultra League, and Mewtwo is the best for Masters I believe. Deoxys D only needs to be powered up 3-5 times before it’s useful in Great League.
3) We still have a LONG way to go before Gen 5 legendaries make their way into raids. There would be plenty of time to catch back up on stardust.

Also, it only takes me 88000 dust and 118 candies to power up this attack forme.


Not everything needs to be done with a eye towards max efficiency…

Deoxys Attack is extremely under rated…

Not everyone needs to play exactly like YOU…

Maxing something you like is just a valid reason as any other reason…

Lighten up it just a stupid game…

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Might just for the lulz solo one or two Deoxys-Attack, but otherwise I‘ll stick to T1-3 raids depending on what’s gonna be available. But when Mewtwo is here, I‘ll go all out on that.

I’m hoping to find attack forme to duo with my 7 year old nephew to cement my status as best aunt EVER. I don’t have normal, so there’s that. My defense is a perfect 1499.


Everyone’s raid plans next week

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Honestly though, at most I’d go out maybe for my alt to have the dex entry. Otherwise I have enough of each forme to satisfy the main. I’m just hoping they eventually relinquish the trade restriction on Deoxys.

I’m not sure, gen 5’s dropping in literally one week. We could get an all-star first

To be fair, the first wave of Gen 5 (at least what they’ve announced) is Dex filler. After Mewtwo, we could get one of the better Gen 5 Legendaries, but we could also get one of the weaker ones (lookin’ at you, three musketeers). There’s also Regigigas, who is the last remaining legendary from Gen 4. I would think they would release that before jumping in to the Gen 5 Legendaries.

That said, Gen 5 legendary raids are likely coming soon. My guess is November, at the latest (if we get Regigigas in October).

I dunno, the starters look pretty good, at least for pvp. For most yeah, they’re dex filler, but so was gen 4’s initial release.

I feel like its reasonable they could start with something good, since gen 4’s release of initial legendaries allhad one thing in common: they were great for pvp. And PvP was released towards the end of the year. Had PvP not been a factor, I think we would have gotten the dragons first.

Could be as soon as the week after Psystrike Mewtwo, oops, sorry, I mean Shiny Mewtwo.

Aside from Regigigas, what’s left of G4 to cover? Sure, we could do another retread. But G5 is a 'comin, it’s rolling round the bend, …