Everything about Legendary Leif is a fraud (lore-wise)

Seriously, I’ve been playing Thracia 776 and nothing really important happens! It’s pretty much a side quest. But let’s analize L! Leif and fact check, right?

Leif: Unifier of Thracia

He actually didn’t unify Thracia in T776, he did it in the post-game of Genealogy.

Son of Quan and heir to Leonster.

Technically, the heir to Leonster would be Altena since she has major Njôrun blood. But I guess this alt happens after the end of Genealogy…

He defeated the Loptr Church

He actually didn’t, he just defeated a branch of the Lopt Church in Manster. Who defeated the Loptr Church was Seliph.

and liberated his kingdom.

Actually right, since he liberated Leonster and most of North Thracia.


Or Master Bow for those who can’t speak German. This is funny: The Meisterbogen is a weapon in Thracia 776, but not Genealogy of the Holy War. Leif can use A Rank Bows (Meisterbogen’s Rank) when promoted in Genealogy. Actually, he can use every weapon in the game except Nosferatu, Aura, and the Crusader Weapons!
HOWEVER Leif can only use swords in Thracia 776, so he can’t use the Meisterbogen. Poor Leif. But hey, at least he has two pref weapons!

Njörun's Zeal

That’s the name of a Thracia 776 character actually. Nice one. And from everything we know, that power comes from the Crusader’s powers. Shouldn’t Quan and Altena have it too? But more powerful?

S Drink

This requires that we explain the Fatigue mechanic. Basically: Each unit gains Fatigue every time they do anything (Attack, dodge, move, heal with staff, talk, wait…), and a unit will not be able to be used in the next map if it has too much fatigue. A Stamina Drink restores the Fatigue level of the unit that carries it to 0. But Leif cannot gain Fatigue, so the Stamina Drink is useless on him!

I’m just jealous because Seliph doesn’t have an alt…


@Petra.286, @HeavenlyTempest : show 'em… :feh_rein:




That Celica one doesn’t fit anymore though lyn has many alts.


This is an old meme, but it still gets the message across.


Here’s a more recent one.


Where’s Micaiah’s Legendary Alt? :feh_elisad:


In the garbage, as it should.




But he’s still a good boi who does his best, (no not just because he’s S-supported with Nino) and my favorite archer to use, because mini galeforce is so much fun! I haven’t had this much fun with galeforce since L!Ephraim actually, and he’s amazing too. Also I gave him CC :feh_legion:

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thats the only thing I’ve read in that post


I get like this to. Sometimes. When It comes to stuff. But I love the alt cause leif is cool. And its on a horse. Thats important. For das reasons.

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Actually, no

Legendary Leif is from post Genealogy so the title works, just like how Legendary Alm and Celica are post Echoes

Jugdral is very patriarchal so there’s a good chance Leif would have been considered the heir. Even if that’s not the case, Altena was believed to be dead after the Yied Massacre, making Leif the only possible candidate for inheriting Leonster. Even after it’s discovered she’s alive, Leif had already been accepted by the people of Northern Thracia as Leonster’s heir. He spent the past year trying to liberate them, and by the end of Thracia has succeeded while Altena just tried to help Travant conquer them. He has the people on his side which is why he’s chosen to be Thracia’s king after the war over Altena or Arion, who are both older and have Major Holy blood.

Seliph defeated Julius. There were still factions of the Loptyr church in Jugdral after that. Leif’s Thracia ending says he continued to travel across Jugdral liberating it after the war, gaining more fame and renown than Seliph. So while Seliph may have taken down the most important member, Leif finished the group off. So yes, it is fair to say he defeated the Loptyr church.

Back to what I said before, this is post Genealogy Leif. He can use whatever type of weapon he wants except dark magic and it could be considered canon.

This doesn’t come from Major Holy Blood. The second part of the name, zeal means great energy or enthusiasm which is more Leif than either Quan or Altena. He may not be able to wield the Gaé Bolg but he’s more Njörun’s successor than either of them as he shares her dream, her vision for the future, and pushes himself harder than should be possible to accomplish it. His dream of a unified Thracia is what she would have wanted, which is more than can be said about Quan and Travant.

What else were they supposed to call his immunity to Heroes’ version of fatigue? You could also say he has it because he naturally has abilities similar to the properties of an S Drink so the name was used to make it easier to understand.

If you have more complaints, I can keep going. I’ve overanalyzed this alt dozens of times because it is incredibly well done in terms of references to the lore of Thracia and Genealogy which is why he’s listed as a character from both. Legendary Leif is not a fraud lore wise, everything about him related back to the lore or his character in at least one way.

Insult my boy again, I dare you. You can be upset about Seliph not having an alt but leave Leif out of this. He more than deserves his Legendary alt and it is a wonderful reflection of his character growth over both games. If you want to complain about an alt being not lore accurate, there are plenty to chose from but Legendary Leif is not one of them


Ehehe. You’re so spicey Petra.

  1. Oh right. Btw, since when does Alm use a bow?

  2. Understandable.

  3. In the end of Thracia 776 it says “And so, Leif finished the Loptr Church’s infuence on Northen Thracia”, so we can assume that the rest was killed by Seliph in Genealogy. This makes much more sense when Veld and Manfroy both say that they are reuniting their last efforts to stop Seliph, which implies that they used every single man at their disposal. Also Salem’s ending claims that the Church was completely vanished after the war.

  4. But theMeisterbogen doesn’t exist in Genealogy.

  5. Oh yeah.

  6. Leif is a pussy. He literally killed 99% of his army just to get laid.

Alm gets a bow when he promotes.

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Really? Is it the mythic Luna bow?

He can equip it. Though the bow is extremely rare in the main game. Catria can’t wield the Astra blade but Forsyth can wield Luna.

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  1. Alm’s DLC Conquerer class can use bows

  2. This is taken straight for the wiki
    "Along with Lord Seliph, the rightful heir to the Imperial throne, Leif led the war to liberate Jugdral. After seizing the capital of Belhalla, Leif went on to fight numerous battles throughout the continent. When all was said and done, Leif’s fame and renown ultimately surpassed even that of Holy King Seliph.
    Leif’s ending in Thracia says he continued to fight throughout the continent, not just Thracia. And Manfroy and Veld never discuss Seliph. In chapter four, Manfroy congratulates Veld on how successful the child hunts have been and in the last chapter of Thracia, Manfroy’s berates Veld for not being able to kill Leif and they reveal Veld orchestrated the Yied Massacre. Unless I’m mistaken, these are the only conversations we see the two of them have and Seliph is never mentioned or alluded to once.

  3. Leif is representing both Thracia and Genealogy, I think it actually makes more sense for him to have a weapon from his own game rather than the game he’s a supporting character in. And at least his weapon is in one of his games, Thögn and Prayer Wheel are completely made up

  4. What game were you playing? If you’re referring to Alster, that happened because Miranda tripped Leif’s ridiculously massive guilt complex by telling him everything that happened from her captivity to her father’s death and the fall of Alster was his fault. Then she tells him the only way he can make up for this for this is by liberating Alster, which she demands he do right after Leonster is liberated because the people are about to rebel and have no chance of success. He feels he is indebted to Alster and is being begged for help, how could he say no?

Leif is the opposite of a pussy, he has to be stopped from running head first into danger because he cares too much and wants to do everything and help everyone. He’s willing to storm the detention center by himself to free his captured allies and has to be told by Finn he shouldn’t be willing to lay down his life to free Thracia. The first thing he says when he breaks out of prison is he hates the Empire so much he wants to wage war.

Is he reckless? Yes. Impulsive? Incredibly. Easily swayed by his emotions? Absolutely. But a pussy? Never. If you’re going to insult him, at least pick something accurate.