Got inspired by someone making a request about it in the friends request thread. Fuee

Bu… I am also generally curious, although I have a vague idea of supporting Nobu. But I am not sure…

But basically, which faction do you all think is best to support?:thinking:

Got this while supporting Nobu faction so I am now officially on their side.

That and I nee 1000 Mana Prisms so I have no choice… It can’t be helped… Dufufufu! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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For me Okitan has better drops so I’ll support them during the main part, after that I’ll farm the Nobu points.


Well this is great. Got it :+1: Let’s get Nobu win :grinning: Poor Okita though :grin:

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Interesting. I am a Mana Prisms sucker so you know which faction I will be supporting… Until I have 1000+ MP from them lol!

It can’t be helped Fufufu ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

Glad to have more allies for this faction civil war! It can’t be helped Hehe!:relieved:
Although the Okita faction is strangely refusing to die for some reason hehe

I’ll go for best drops and after we get Cleanup guest Enlightenment I’ll farm ladder (got to clear both of them)

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Interesting. I completely forgot about the clean up quests. Are they worth it? Do they give mats or do they just give faction points… Or both?:thinking:

Oki it’s official. I was allegiant to Nobu faction before but after this I am utterly loyal to it. I am grateful for this luck. The only time it ever happened during an event was in the summer Ishtar event.

So with that, how is your luck with CE drops guys?

Also, are you guys burning apples and rainbow apples? Or are you just cruising by with natural AP?:thinking:

Both, but Enlightenment guest only gives ladder points, so go there when you’re done with the shop.

Main only got 50 gapples, so nat ap until best nodes are open. Alt however has 260 gapples, so apples it is :grin:


I don’t remember how many bonus points are awarded for the winning faction, but I seem to remember I cleared both ladders by running the losing faction to keep the points even, and then finishing with the ladder with the clean up quests. gotta get those lores


Thanks for this. Although I couldn’t help but notice that the faction points are rigged towards Nobu faction receiving a bigger boost that Okita faction… —BEHOLD!

Oho?! For me I will wait until I MLB at least one more Chacha CE for a bigger boost so that each battle will be with more. Right now I will just cruise on natural AP.

I still don’t know how people can have enough patience not to burn through all their apples lol aha :sweat_smile:

Need more free time for that


Instead of Lores I am aiming for those Gold Fous. I wanna get my Slater from 1,600 ATK & HP to 2,000 ATK & HP soon. Doing it for the Waifu(s)!
:fgo_saltersmug2: :fgo_saltersmug: :fgo_salterblush: :fgo_saberhungry:

But how do you do it? Do you just play on Natural AP the entire time even during events? How do you resist the urge to burn all of it lol

Went heavy with apples during Apocrypha (about 100-150 per account), cleared ladder on day 1 and shop in day 3, still continued to use apples for them raids. Playing with two accounts takes time so I haven’t been able to burn all my apples. Not going to use them all, need to save some for future lottery event.

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Lul. That’s a slot of dedication… Or perhaps just free time like you said? But then what the secret to saving so much apples? Umu!

Secret? Not having enough time to use them and getting them from lottery events.

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I don’t have preferences. I have finished nobu’s ladder. Now it’s shinsengumi’s turn.