Evil Bone Farming

Is there any better location to farm evil bones? Better than fuyuki, I heard that there’s new node that drop it in LB 5.5…

I haven’t a clue whether LB5.5 has a good bone node but that is still some way off. Blazing Forest is still the best bet and the rates are pretty good there so I don’t see the problem with it.

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Where is that Blazing forest? Can’t remember it


I don’t play JP but isn’t LB 5.5 a one time thing that disappears after you clear the story? Doesn’t sound farmable to me.

Fuyuki is still your best bet I’m afraid, tedious as it is.

Ok found it, and yeah, it got better drop rate…what about ghost lantern, if you include JP?

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Might be an event in late February that has those in the shop. Think it’s BBs revival.

I always farm evil bone at Garden of Sphinx at Camelot especially if also need scarabs and secret gems.

The free-quests in 5.5 can be found in the Main interlude section.
Personally I’d have liked it to be on the front page but at the very least this allows us to farm the new materials.

It is true that some of the nodes drops bones but I’ve never compared the rates.
Only thing I can say is that Zuth’s manager claims that Fuyuki has better drop/AP.



Oh huh. Interesting.

My mistake then.

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Here you go, use this.

breaks it down to drop rate and AP per drop, also JP or US.

Blazing Forest is not the best AP/drop node, but the best sanity/drop node by far. Here’s my tips for how to make the grind slightly quicker (and therefore more tolerable):
First off, make a front-line of zerkers. The higher their attack, the better. Also, if you have one that has party buffs (mainly Penth, or Ibaraki), make sure to put them on the team.
Next, pick raw attack increasing CE’s. I’m lucky to have three Poster Girls to use here, but Golden Sumo, Code Cast, or even MLB Bronze-Link Manipulator will do.
Then, once all is set, just apply all the available team-buffs (don’t bother with individual buffs) and then facecard the waves. It should be faster than trying to NP or loop them, and the enemies have low enough health so that they would keel over even if you hit them with a Quick card.
It’s still pretty mind-numbing, but still the second-best option behind putting together a script in FA and just letting your phone do all the work.

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If you lack paper as well, then the node in London is the best as it gives both paper and bone. Since I’m in both bone and paper hell, I have been farming there for the recent months

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